Year 6@Hewish 2017-18

Sunday 4th March

I am currently enjoying reading and providing feedback to the crew on their reports about single-use-plastic. I’ll upload some of the second drafts they produce later this week but please feel free to come and read your children’s work. They are absolutely superb.

Friday 2nd March

Once you have finished having fun in the snow, Year Six, have a look at the Corbettmaths website. The five-a-day exercises are fantastic whilst if you want some more dedicated practise, use the videos and worksheets section and challenge yourselves on the areas you personally need to develop. Good choice tickets available for all those who prove to me they have been on the site and double for those that can prove how their that research has developed their learning journey.

Thursday 1st March

Due to the severe weather warning we will close  at 1pm on both campuses. We expect to be open this morning but will continue to monitor the weather and let you know as early as possible if the situation deteriorates. #safetyisparamount.

No World Book Day costumes today please. Warm clothes instead. We will rearrange the whole day once the weather improves.

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Term 3 Week 4

The children have learnt more about the Ancient Greek gods and goddesses as well as superbly developing their historical skills to research triremes. Pictures coming soon. We continue to develop their e-safety awareness but are mindful of the fact that the overall message isn’t about being kind to others online, rather it’s just about making sure that ,in life, we are kind. Please  continue to reinforce this message and to be aware of your children’s on-line activity.

Term 3 Week 3

Exciting times ahead this term as the crew have joined an initiative to reduce and eliminate the unnecessary use of plastics.  Keep watching and listening for how you can also make a difference. Below is the article as it appeared in the Weston Mercury.

Term 3 Week 2

Following on from last week’s visit, the children have created job descriptions for an MP as we were surprised to learn that they don’t have one. We used our SPaG sessions to develop the skills and then transferred them into the descriptions. In maths, the children have continued to learn about fractions – being brilliant when dividing whole numbers by fractions. On Friday, they will have brought home the curriculum information sheet which explains the focus for this term.

Term 3 Week 1

Welcome back and a happy new year to you all.

To launch our new learning theme ‘Who holds the power?’ , we were visited by our local MP, John Penrose, who was kind enough to answer every question that the children had. He explained his role and how it relates to the work he does in Westminster. The children were keen to know if he’d met Teresa May and to find out which car he drove! We also welcomed Mrs Manning to our crew. Mrs Manning will teach on Thursday and Friday whilst Mrs Webb is on maternity leave.

Term1 Week 5

Understanding the work of the artist Edward Hopper was one of the highlights this week. The crew were intrigued by the use of colour in his work. They then went into the school grounds and selected their own views to create in the style of Hopper. I was surprised by the accuracy and quality of their sketches. Currently, they are in the process of adding the colour and we will critique their pieces next week before aiming to publish them here. We continue to read the London Eye Mystery – developing skills of inference. We’ve used this to prove or disprove theories around Salim’s disappearance. In maths, we’ve challenged the children to develop gheir reasoning skills with addition and subtraction.  The crew have also created a diamond mine ranking of the most influential inventors on their opinion.


With crosscountry and football events coming up, the children have attended lunch time and after school sessions in preparation.   Dates for you to be aware of are our class worship on Monday 16th October. A second letter containing all the details was sent home on Friday. I’ve reminded all the children of their responsibility to share this with you. Please be aware also of our learning review meetings which will also take place that week. Every member of our crew has successes to share and I would like to meet with all of you to discuss this.


Week 1 Term 4


Highlight of this week has to be the super science where the children made light boxes based on their developing understanding of the path of light and reflection. Photos coming soon.

Term 1 Week 3

Sumdog ~ This week the crew will be reminded of their Sumdog log ins and passwords. Sumdog is an online learning platform that we have signed the children up to in order to provide them with valuable maths practice at home. This is a secure site that children can use independently, moving through different maths concepts and tasks and earning rewards. Be sure to ask your child what animal they have become as they move through the challenges! The website and information about it can be found at

Term 1 Week 2

This week we have begun to read, ‘The London Eye Mystery’. The children are also learning how to be successful diary writers. 

Term 1 Week 1

What does it mean to learn like a champion?

As a crew, we explored what we already do well and can improve upon. We were inspired by the short film entitled ‘Lessons from Geese’. If you would like to view this for yourself, it’s available on YouTube. I’m sure the children will show you where to find it. We also created our Magna Carta; our class version for the behaviours we will be adhering to throughout the year. Please click the link below to view.

Year 6 Crew Magna Carta

Year 6 Welcome Letter

Welcome to Year Six!

It’s been lovely to welcome all the children back to school as well as meeting some new members of our crew. It doesn’t seem two minutes since the children were starting in reception and here they are embarking on their final year at primary school. Year six is a fantastic year; as well as the curriculum, there are many decisions to make and new opportunities to explore. In year six we have our camp to look forward to, the opportunity to be Parliament leaders, the end of year production and of course SATs. As always, we work really hard to ensure that all the children have the best opportunity possible to be the very best that they can be in all areas of school life. Our mantra with the children is to aim to be better than your best. There is always something new to learn, new to discover. We aim to ensure that we have fun along the way and provide the children with long, lasting memories.

You should have received the Parental Information Sheet already. Further copies are attached on this page. This will hopefully answer many of your questions and give you a clear overview as to what your children will be doing in school. We ask that you support us by ensuring that all home learning is attempted and completed on time and that children have outstanding attendance.

Thank you to those of you who attended our ‘Meet the Teacher’ session and thank you to all for continuing to support your child with their learning. Please remember that we are always able to make arrangements to share your child’s successes and progress with you. We look forward to an exciting year.