Year 3@West Wick 2017-18

Term 5
Designing and Creating Our Own Musical Instruments
The Big Bang
Term 4 Week 5
This Thursday we performed our Easter Family Worship in front of the school and our families. We acted out a short play, retelling The Easter Story, Caitlin and Mya T read out Easter poems and Lily and Jack M said our Easter prayer. Everyone played a very important part and we all loved singing Lord of the Dance and Special Creation together. We hope you all enjoyed our Family Worship as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.
Term 4 Week 4
Term 4 Week 3
World Book Day
Although a week later, we really enjoyed ourselves on World Book Day. Every hour we had to Stop, Drop and Read, this allowed us to really enjoy all the great new books we have in our library.
Due to the severe weather warning we will close on Thursday 1st March at 1pm on both campuses. We expect to be open in the morning but will continue to monitor the weather and let you know as early as possible if the situation deteriorates. #safetyisparamount.

No World Book Day costumes tomorrow please. Warm clothes instead. We will rearrange the whole day once the weather improves.


Term 4 Week 1

This week we have been designing our own ancient Egyptian cuffs. We are going to bring our jewellery designs to reality and make Egyptian cuffs using an empty cardboard roll, some string and gold paint. Keep looking out for our finished creations.

We have started to read a new book  called A Lottie Lipton Adventure, The Curse of the Cairo Cat. ‘The book is very interesting and at the end of each chapter, you want to find out more’ said Ellis.  We have started to write some mystery stories of our own and are looking forward to sharing them with you.

In maths we have been learning statistics. We now know how to interpret and create tally charts, pictograms, bar graphs and tables. We have been answering questions about different pieces of data and we have even been creating our own questions about the data for others to answer.

Term 3 Week 5

Safety Awareness Week


This week we had a visit from the RNLI. We learnt lots about being safe in and around water.




Leon Reid

On Wednesday we had a very exciting visitor. Leon Reid is a 200m GB sprinter who trains and lives in Bath.  Leon took up sprinting at the relatively late age of 15 after being urged to do so by a school PE teacher and won a silver medal at the European Under-23 Championships in the summer. He is now the fifth faster British sprinter of all time. He talked to us about how to eat healthy and what it is like to be a world class athlete and his training regime. The Year 3 Crew were certainly inspired.


Healthy Eating

This week we got to try lots of delicious fruits in our Healthy Living lesson with the Weston Seagulls. So healthy and so tasty. Fruit is a great source of energy for our bodies. We recorded what different fruits we ate and had to describe the taste, so were a little sour and made us pull funny faces.


Being Mindful

This week we have been focusing on being mindful, by only thinking about one thing at a time.  This helps us to be ready and prepared to learn.


Term 3 Week 4

This week we have started learning all about money in maths. ‘I have learnt that it isn’t about the size of the coin, it is about it’s value’ said Oliver.  ‘I have been learning to convert pounds and pence’ said Chloe B. ‘One pound would actually be one hundred pence’ said Korben.


We have been thinking about all the learning we have been doing so far this year. We are all very proud to share our learning with our parents next week. ‘I am looking forward to sharing my learning review with my parents’ said Imogen.  ‘I am excited to share my story with my family’ said Rosie.


This week we have been writing stories based on the book The Egyptian Cinderella. We have written our own versions and have changed parts of the story, like the characters, the event, the ending or the special item that was stolen.


In R.E. we have been learning about journeys. Some people take religious journeys and go on a pilgrimage. This week we looked at Muslims, they go on a pilgrimage to Mecca and visit The Hajj. We enjoyed finding out lots of interesting facts about the Muslim pilgrimage. ‘Over 2 million Muslims go on this pilgrimage’ said Mya T.  ‘They threw seven stones at three pillars to scare away the devil’ said Jack M. ‘It takes five days to complete the pilgrimage’ said Lexi.


Term 3 Week 3

This week we have been writing our own stories based on The Egyptian Cinderella.  First we planned a group role play, based on the book and performed them in the hall in front of one another. We made small changes to our plays, we changed the names of the characters, we had other objects instead of the rose slipper and some of us even altered the ending. Now we are writing our own stories and we look forward to sharing them with you once they are complete.

This term we have started swimming sessions at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre. We are focusing on becoming strong swimmers and are working on improving our swimming skills.

Term 3 Week 2

‘This eye-popping week, we have been learning about healthy eating’ said Jude.  Four people from the Weston Seagulls, visit us on Thursday afternoons and teach us about healthy living. We have a booklet each with different challenges inside. This week we focused on the different food groups, these are Milk and Dairy, Vitamins and Minerals, Protein and Carbohydrates. Our bodies need a healthy balance of each food groups to help us grow, stay healthy and strong.

In Maths we have been showing the working out of our multiplication, by using dienes.  The helped us to understand how to calculate different multiplication problems using 1 and 2 digit numbers. ‘First of all it was actually quite tricky, then it got easier and I got it and it became really fun’ said Korben.

This week in R.E. we have been learning about journeys and special journeys called pilgrimages. We created our own comic strip that showed different types of journeys that we have taken. A pilgrimage is a journey that somebody takes to an important place, based on their religious beliefs.

Well done to Brandon and Oliver who made it to Fab Club this week. You have both been very focused on your learning and have been trying very hard in both English and Maths. Year 3 Crew are very proud of you. Keep it up!

Term 3 Week 1

Our school value for this term is Perseverance. We had to persevere at something to gain a deeper understanding, so this week were learned to use sign language in order to communicate with each other.  ‘It was tricky, but I like that it was tricky, it is good to have a challenge’ said Lexi.

We had our Wow Day this week. We had a visitor called Professor Robert Jones, he is an Egyptologist and came to teach us all about Ancient Egypt. We learnt about mummification, Pharaohs, Gods and old Egyptian beliefs.

Did you know that:

The Egyptians believed that if someone had done something bad to you and you wrote their name on a jar and smashed it, bad things would happen to that person.

The monster of the underworld was named Ammit, this monster has the head of a crocodile, the middle of a lion and the base of a hippopotamus.

When a deceased Pharaoh is being mummified they have their body parts removed, they are bathed in salt before they are wrapped in cloth.

Our first book for this term is The Egyptian Cinderella. We started off the term by predicting what would happen in the story, but only from looking at the title and the front cover. Many of us think that the story may be similar to the traditional tale of Cinderella.  As we started to read the story, we retold the beginning in our own words making sure that we included the main detail and key words from the book. ‘I noticed that it is like Cinderella as there are three girls that are mean, but the story is based in Egypt’ said Jack M.

Smashing Week 6!

This week we enjoyed doing a Christmas debate. We learnt about the rules of a debate and how a debate is ordered.  A proposer is in favour of the motion (the motion is the idea or the topic), the opposer disagrees with the motion and each one of these has a seconder who supports them. The chair helps to run the debate. Everyone has a role to play and must contribute to the debate. The debate starts with the chair introducing everyone, then the proposer explains the motion and the opposer explains why they disagree. The seconders then add to the debate, after this it is open to the floor. Our debate motion for this week was:

Christmas is so special, that we should celebrate it twice a year!

After the debate, we held a class vote and it was decided that Christmas should be celebrated twice a year.

In maths we have been remembering all the different strategies were have learnt throughout the term. We focused on addition and then we moved on to subtraction. We can now choose the best strategy that works for us in order to work out different maths problems. Our favourite strategies include using the number line, calculating, drawing the problem, using the hundreds board and place value.

What a delightful week 5!

This week we have been working on our persuasive presentations on how to make Weston super. We invited Michelle Michael to come and see our presentations. She was very impressed with all our different ideas and the fact that we all used PowerPoint as part of our presentations. ‘I felt a bit nervous, but I suddenly felt like I could do it by myself’ said Imogen. ‘I felt proud of myself and my group, we wrote a lot of detail in our books and we put loads of effort in to it’ said Jude.

In maths we focused on adding 3 digit number together. ‘I liked it because it was challenging and I made mistakes and I learned from them and my brain got bigger’ said Lexi

Five members of the Year 3 Crew got to take part in Fab Friday today. Students are chosen for Fab Friday if they have had a great week of learning and have made good choices. This week was a little bit special, as the students got to build our class Christmas tree and listen to Christmas songs.


A wonderfully wicked week 4!

This week 3 lucky year 3s at West Wick got to go to Multisport with Mrs Hodges. Katie, Chloe B and Oliver took part in laser shooting, fencing, tennis, badminton and races. ‘My favourite thing about it was getting to learn more sport like tennis’ said Katie. ‘My favourite thing was trying out new things, especially the laser shooting ‘ said Chloe. ‘My favourite thing was fencing because everyone got a turn and it was fair’ said Oliver. Each of them received a medal for taking part. Well done you three!


It was Miss Byers’ birthday on Thursday. We were learning how to talk about how old we are in French, so we sang Happy Birthday in French to Miss Byers. Happy Birthday in French is Joyeux Anniversaire.

Here is a video of Happy Birthday in French


In the hall we met a lady called PCSO Marie Broomfield. She came to St Anne’s to talk to us all about road safety. Some of us got to try on some equipment that keeps us safe day and night. There was a fluorescent jacket, a torch,  fluorescent wrist bands and a flashing dog collar. She also showed us this video about road safety click here to view.

We have been focusing on remembering our eight times tables this week.  We have been exploring different strategies that help us multiply and divide by eight. We have enjoyed watching this video all about ‘counting by them eights’.  Take a look.


What an immense week 3!

This week we have been multiplying by four. We worked different problems out in different ways. We used number lines, doubling, grouping, repeated addition and arrays. ‘I like using arrays to work out my multiplication problems’ said Jude. ‘I like making the maths fortune tellers, they help us to improve our four times tables’ said Ellis.

We have been learning how to talk about ourselves in French. This week we focused on talking about where we live. We practised talking in French to one another and some of us had a conversation in front of the class. ‘Saying England in French is Angleterre’ said Romey.

This week is our final week exploring our book Gregory Cool. The book is based in Tobago, so we looked at what activities go on there. We learnt that in Tobago people run goat racers, crab racers, safaris and even chase waterfalls.

We celebrate the end of a great week and get involved in Children in Need by dressing up in spots. All the money we have raised today will go towards helping other children who are not as lucky and fortunate as we are.

Terrific Term 2 Week 2

This term we are looking at what makes great friendships. We created a huge brainstorm of all the different qualities a great friendship could have, then we made human chains and wrote all the words on the chains to make this term’s value display.

On Wednesday, we did our maths lesson outside. We were learning to divide by 3. We used lots of sticks, leaves, conkers and twigs, to group numbers together and solve division problems. ‘My group made 36 divided by 3, we made it out of sticks and conkers’ said Imogen.

On Thursday of this week, we took a bus trip to Castle Batch Primary School. We took part in a festival called Raise the Roof. We sang lots of different songs with other year 3 and 4 students from other primary schools. The songs we sang were all about different countries and were in different languages. We were celebrating what a wonderful world we live in.  ‘I liked the part when some students got to play some instruments’ said Kyra.

Oliver brought in a mould of a megalodon’s tooth to show the class. ‘I thought it would be interesting to share, it’s quite heavy’ said Oliver.

Term 2 Week 1

On Tuesday a very special guest came to see us, his name was John and he was here to talk to us about the history of Weston.  We learnt that Weston used to be a village with just 30 families in it. We learnt about the Roman invasion and we were shown photos of what Weston used to look like.

This term our focus for P.E. is handball. This week we were learning how to throw and catch the ball accurately. When practising our throwing and catching with a partner, we challenged ourselves by making the gap between us, bigger after each throw. ‘You have to throw over arm for longer distances’ said Lily.

We have read a new book this week called Gregory Cool. We have been learning about the characters and had to explain what was happening in the story in our own words. ‘The book is cool, I like how Gregory and Lennox made friends towards the end, as they didn’t know each other at the beginning’ said Lexi.


In maths we have been working on multiplying three, we have explored all the different ways we can use to work the multiplication problems out, for example using a bar model, repeating addition or drawing it.


A Superb Week 7 in Year 3

This week we have been solving challenging number problems by subtracting and using column subtraction. ‘The tricky part was taking away when the number above was higher, we had to exchange to solve the problems’ said Alfie.

We invited our parents to school this week so we could share our learning with them. ‘I think my mum and dad were proud of me’ said Lily. ‘We wrote our own learning reviews and we shared then with our family’ said Lexi.

Over the past few weeks we have been writing our own Voyage and Return stories. We have decided to type these up and make a book for the Busy Bees. ‘We have been hard at work making the Busy Bee’s book’ said Joshua B.  Everybody did a different story’ said Kamila.

We have been learning about and writing different poems. We have enjoyed reading poems written by and performed by Valerie Bloom, we also performed some poems ourselves. ‘I learnt that some people say words differently to how we say them’ said Romey.


A Spectacular Week 6 in Year 3

This week we have been learning to add on from any 3 digit number. We were allowed to choose how we worked out each problem. We could calculate it, use a number line, use a hundreds board or draw it. Here are some examples of how we solved our addition problems differently.

We have been focusing on alliteration this week. We enjoyed reading an alliteration poem all about naughty animals. We then wrote our own alliteration poems all about the animals of our choice. We were also encouraged to use direct speech in our poems.

In our French sessions we have been learning to introduce ourselves to others. We then created our own little comic strips with characters having conversations in French.

Bristol is our nearest city, so we have been learning all about Bristol and have been working on creating leaflets, providing others with information all about Bristol. We are looking forward to the being complete, watch this space! As you can see, we are working very hard on them.


A Fabulous Week 5 in Year 3

This week we have been practising some songs for our Raise the Roof performance. It has been a very challenging experience for us as some of the songs are in other languages.  ‘The songs are really good for us to sing, my favourite one is What a Wonderful World’ said Mya C.

On Thursday of this week we had Liam the football coach. He played Spanish Numbers with us. You have different groups running out onto the pitch and they have to score goals. ‘It was quite hard because there were lots of people running out and we had to listen to Liam so we knew how many people had to play’ said Jack M.

We have been writing our own Voyage and Return stories this week. First we had to create a character, then we planned our story by boxing up our ideas, then we were able to write our stories. ‘My favourite part was creating my own character for my story’ said Katie.


‘We have also been working on some awesome maths this week’ said Lexi. We were subtracting tens from 3 digit numbers and then to challenge ourselves, we had to cross over into the previous hundred. ‘It was very interesting indeed, but I had to really use my brain, my favourite part was working the numbers out’ said Lexi.

We finished reading The Stone Mouse this week. ‘I liked the book and I am sad that is has now ended’ said Kamila.


A Fascinating Week 4 in Year 3

On Thursday of this week, we went on a trip to Weston.  We took a walk into the town centre and asked members of the public, questions about Weston and how it can be improved.  We then went to Weston Museum, here we listened to a lady who taught us all about Weston in the Victorian times. We were shown a variety of different items that would typically be used on a Weston beach trip and we had to sort them in to old and new. After the workshop, we were able to explore the museum and answer some questions while we were walking around looking at objects from 100 million years ago, up to now. We ended our day by taking a walk to the beach where we made sand sculptures.


In R.E. this week, we have been comparing the Quran with the Bible. We used the laptops to find our facts about each of these books and shared what were had discovered.


Thrilling Week 3 in Year 3

This week we have been learning some French. We enjoyed a video (click here to see) about basic greetings in French and we practised speaking to a partner. ‘The French lesson was interesting and quite hard to understand, but I got it in the end, thank fully’ said Alfie.

We also did football with the football coach, we played the remote control game, we had to think of buttons on the remote control and think of a movement to go with it.  We played stuck in the mud, the coach made it harder by splitting us up in to teams. We practised our dribbling skills, ‘it was really fun, my favourite bit was playing stuck in the mud’ said Freddie.

During our maths sessions, we have been comparing numbers, estimating and exploring ‘more or less’. ‘I didn’t think I would be able to do all the hard challenges, but I believed in myself and I did it’ said Ellis.

Some of us got to use the laptops and have a go at coding. We had to use our brains in order to complete the levels, as we had to apply our reading skills and maths skills. ‘It was amazing, when was stuck, Romey helped me, we helped each other to solve the problems’ said Mya C.

We have started some guided reading sessions in groups this week. We worked on our adjectives, our spellings and explored the characters in our reading books. ‘It was interesting when I had to decide if the characters were good or bad’ said Jack M.

On Tuesday, Lily brought in a tarantula skin to show the class. Like snakes, tarantulas shed their skin, they do this if they are female and they shed once a year. We also watched a video of a tarantula shedding its skin. ‘The skin was really scary and hairy’ said Kyra. Thank you for sharing this with us Lily, it was really interesting.



Week 2 with the Year 3 Crew!


We have particularly enjoyed our Morning Challenges this week. ‘My favourite one was when I had to imagine what was through the gloomy door’ said Romey.

We have been focusing on the eigh/ei spelling pattern this week. Those who scored full marks in their spelling quiz, received extra points on their Class Dojo.  The Class Dojo is an online scheme we have signed up to and we can score points for great home learning, e.g. reading, spelling and learning our times tables. ‘I like the Class Dojo because it is fair’ said Lexi.

This week we started reading a new book called The Stone Mouse. We have done some descriptive writing based on the main characters. ‘Its a good book to read’ said Rosie.

For maths we had to wonder round the classroom and complete lots of different challenges based on place value.  ‘We had to do 20 challenges, I liked that we got to do all the challenges, they were really fun’ said Ava.

In P.E. we were learning some football skills, we learnt how to mark people on the opposite team and how to dart so others wouldn’t know which direction we are heading. ‘It was really shattering because we moving a lot and all the blood was pumping through our veins’ said Jude.



We have had a wonderful first week in Year 3.

We took part in some team building activities.  We played the name game, this helped us remember each other’s names, and particularly helped out Miss Byers.  ‘I called myself Creative Chloe’ said Chloe, ‘I was Magical Mya’ said Mya.  We did human knots and had to untangle ourselves. We had to create different shapes as a team in the human sculptures task, ‘I liked making a tree’ said Aidan.

We have been exploring place value by playing the traffic light game. ‘The traffic light game is very fun, but you also need to persevere’ said Lexi.


We have been reading the book Horse Pie, we have all enjoyed it. I liked writing an acrostic poem all about Horse Pie.’ said Katie.

To get our bodies moving, we have been doing Go Noodles.  ‘We have to follow different dances and exercises and it is really amazing and we feel ready to learn.’ said Freddie.

This week we also started to learn some French words. ‘We focused on three words, Salut, Bonjour and Bonsoir, it was very interesting’ said Romey