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Final week

It is sad to think we have reached the end of the year but what a year it has been!  We have had so much fun playing and learning together and everyone has worked so incredibly hard to be the best they can be.  It has been a pleasure to teach and learn alongside you all and to be supported by such amazing parents and carers ~ thank you everyone for your support.

Thank you for all our wonderful gifts ~ it was much appreciated.

We wish you all the very, very best in Year 1 as you continue your learning journey.

Week 5


What an amazing end to our learning theme!  We have seen the return of Captain Whitebeard who was incredibly impressed with the children’s knowledge of boats and pirates and after careful examination and testing of the boats decided he would use elements from all the children’s boats to make his own.  Well done Busy Bees you have done so much amazing learning through this theme but I think the biggest thing has been the importance of ‘crew’ and working together. You are all amazing children.


This week we were also lucky enough to have two real life conservation experts, Mr Andrews and Afia,  to talk to us about the importance of keeping our environment  and our oceans clear of rubbish .  The children saw what happens when we drop rubbish into the sea and how it affects the beautiful sea creatures who live there.  The children were so passionate about this they have begun to make their own posters to put around to remind people to ‘put it in the bin’.  A really big thank you to Mr Andrews and Afia for being so truly inspiring.

Week 4

This week the Children have been very writing the next part of their very own ‘Rainbow Fish’ stories.  To support their story writing they have been finding out information about fish, making fish and even swimming in a shoal with their fish!

The children have also been learning the Bible story of Noah’s Ark and the importance of a peaceful world and the children have been thinking about what they can do to promote peace ~ big thinking for little people!

In Maths they have been counting in two’s and solving number problems related to the animals in the Ark and they have been doubling and halving using the animals from this thought provoking story.

I would like to say a really big ‘thank you’ for all the recycling you have brought in for our boat making.  The children are so excited to make their boats and even more excited to be showing them to their friend Captain Whitebeard who will be returning to school to test their boats in water on Tuesday afternoon.

Week 3

This week the Busy Bee’s have been continuing their learning about the Rainbow fish. They have begun planning and writing their own rainbow fish stories but creating a new and exciting sea creature to write about. They have also been making their own Rainbow fish fruit kebabs where the children practised using their fine motor skills to safely chop up many different fruits! They looked yummy Busy Bee’s! The children then chopped the rest of the fruit up the following day to have a juicy fruit salad at snack time.

The children have also been science investigators learning about floating and sinking this week in understanding the world. To begin with we all thought that heavy things sink and light things float. The children then did lots of experiments in water, blue water, geli bath, water beads and tested different objects to see if they would float or sink. Francis found a discovery when he realised tomatoes sink but apples float even though they are the same shape. He cut the apple to see inside and realised it is because of the air in the middle of objects that make them float! Great investigating Busy Bee’s! The children will now start designing their ship for Captain William Whitebeard!

Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to check our twitter page for updates!

Week 2

This week the Busy Bee’s have been doing lots more learning about the Rainbow fish story. We have made a story map and some actions to help us remember and retell the story. The children also used ‘under the sea’ toys to act out their own puppet show!

Gracie and Afia kindly brought in some strawberries to share with everyone that they had grown themselves! Fantastic learning girls, so lovely to hear what exciting things you get up to when you aren’t in school!

In R.E this week we have been learning about the story of ‘Jonah and the Whale’ and how God helped Jonah to make the right decision. The children then thought about who helps them to make good choices and how it’s not always easy to make the right decision. The children then thought about what it means to be kind to each other as a crew…  Francis says ‘Jake is funny and he’s my best friend’ and Ruby said ‘Lexi looks after me when I am sad.’ Such lovely comments from all of the Busy Bees!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and don’t forget the book fair will continue on Monday and Tuesday so come and have a look!



Term 6 – Week 1

This week the Busy Bees have been looking at The Rainbow fish story by Marcus Pfister. The children have been thinking about how important it is to share with each other. They then did observational drawings of rainbow fish and made their own from play dough!

We have also been looking at joining materials in preparation for building Captain Whitebeard’s ship! Jacob found out that wood does not stick to plastic very well using glue and Francis explained that pipe cleaners are good for attaching materials because you can tighten them if it breaks! Great thinking! The children practiced their sewing skills and sewed patterns into the pictures they drew. They also made their own design and had the opportunity to make their designs out of wood, nails and pins. The children used saws, hammers and screwdrivers to build their design and we are very proud of the Busy Bees because all children used the tools safely and sensibly and their models are fantastic!

In phonics this week we have been learning the split digraphs o_e (phone), i_e (smile), a_e (cake) and u_e (huge), so keep practicing these at home Busy Bees! We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday! Also, don’t forget to check our twitter for any updates.


Week  5

This week the Busy Bees have been looking at different materials and testing whether they are waterproof. We then made a den out of plastic material and poured water over the top to test if our predictions were correct… luckily we didn’t get wet! We now have a good understanding of what materials will be good to build Captain Whitebeard’s ship!

We also took part in St Annes @West Wick Sports day. All children took part with a brilliant sporting attitude so we are very proud of all the Busy Bees! The children have written about their favourite part of the day and many of them have told us that they loved watching their parents take part too! So a big thank you for joining us, it was a lovely day.

On Thursday this week, we have been continuing our maths learning and working out number sentences using number lines. We have also found our own ways of making number lines such as using chalks or even using ourselves!

We would like to remind you that it is INSET day tomorrow (Friday 26th) and it is also an INSET day on Monday 5th June.  We have had a fantastic term and we look forward to seeing everyone for more pirate learning! Have an enjoyable, rested break and check our twitter for any updates.

Week 4

This week, the Busy Bees have been looking at how to have a healthy lifestyle as it is walk to school week. On Monday we looked at exotic fruits that pirates would have eaten and we had a go a cutting and trying kiwi, mango, pineapple, melon, watermelon, pomegranate, papaya and seaweed! We used our left over fruit to make a fruit salad.

On Wednesday we explored mixing primary colours to see what other colours we could make. We used different colour paints to mix together and we used oil pastels to smudge with our finger.

Additionally, we have been finding out about boats as we went on our visit to Uphill boatyard. The children have been finding out about all different types of boats such as; sailing boats, life boats, speed boats and even home boats! The children drew pictures of the different boats and observed the different features like engines, hull, masts, sails, propellers, rudders and much more! When we got back to school we began writing sentences about what we had found out on our trip.

Next week we will be continuing our pirate learning but we will also have sports day on Wednesday so please make sure your child’s PE kit is in school for then! Also, a reminder that next Friday is an INSET day and school will be closed. Check our twitter for any other updates!

Week 3

This week the Busy Bees have been learning lots of maths! The children have been exploring different shapes both 2D and 3D and their properties. They have found out that some shapes would be good for building a pirate ship and so they built their own! What shapes can you find around your home?

Also, we have been learning about clocks and how to tell the time so we made our own clocks. We also made maps of our day, it was lovely to see that many of the Busy Bees knew what time their bedtime was and when it was lunchtime!

The Busy Bees have also been practising their addition and subtraction; this week they have found many different ways to represent number sentences and ways of working them out.

On Friday this week the children talked about things and people that are special to them; Afia told us that her baby sister is really special to her because she’s fun to play with and Jacob explained that his toy cars are special to him and he would be furious if anything happened to them! We also started to write stories about our special things and what we would do if we lost them!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and remember on the 18th it is our trip to Uphill boatyard to explore some real boats! Don’t forget to check our twitter page for any updates.


DSCN3982DSCN3904DSCN4056DSCN4038 DSCN4019 DSCN3989 DSCN4053 DSC03974 DSC04044

Week 2

This week the Busy Bees have been learning how to make their own treasure maps! They have been so inspired by this that they have not only made treasure maps but maps of their homes and even built their own garage and taken aerial photos of it in the garden. The children have also been doing lots of outdoor learning this week by playing in the mud kitchen and building their own den! On Thursday this week, the children did some sensory learning about the seaside and thought of some descriptive words to describe what we might find at the seaside. Afterwards we put our ideas together to make a class poem, here it is:

I can hear the sea and the wavy, waves crashing on the rocks. They were sploshing and splashing and there are blue, golden, sparkly fish in the sea.

I can see a lifeboat and a shell with a crab inside. Some shells look like leopards but some are soft and sparkly.

I can hear the seagulls being noisy and flapping in the sky whilst I eat my strawberry lolly and my friends play on the beach.

I feel cosy at the seaside.

 Fantastic work Busy Bees!

The phonics sounds we have been learning this week are ur, er, ow and ai. Can I also remind you to bring P.E kits in as the Busy Bees are preparing for their sports day practice! Don’t forget to check our twitter page for any updates. Have a good weekend!

DSCN2625 DSCN2608 DSC02642DSC02662 DSCN3880 DSCN3881

Term 5 – Week 1

Welcome back Busy Bees!  We hope you all had a lovely break. Firstly, we would like to thank all the parents for helping out on our Pirate treasure hunt to Sand Bay. After discovering that a pirate had stolen all of our treasure, the Busy Bees were eager to go and get it back! After digging their treasure back up, the children then built themselves a pirate den! After all that tiring work they headed off to the café for a pirate lunch.  Afterwards, the noticed a real pirate walking down the beach! His name was Captain William Whitebeard and he challenged the Busy Bees to make him a ship that will float. The Busy Bees had a fantastic day out and have now been continuing their pirate learning this week by making pirate art!







During phonics this week the Busy Bees have been learning the oi, ea, aw and are sounds and will be learning the ur, er, ow and ai sounds next week.

Please could we remind the children to bring their PE kits in next week ready for our preparation for sports day. Also, don’t forget to check our twitter page for any updates!

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend; we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Week 7

This week in the busy bees our baby chicks have hatched! The children have been making observations of the chicks and discussing the life cycle of their chicks! Many of the children have made estimations of how many chicks will hatch all together out of the amount of eggs that were in the incubator. The children had the opportunity to hold the chicks and have a cuddle and they have really enjoyed having this experience in their learning.


We have also been doing lots of Easter activities this week. The children have rein acted the Easter story in order to gain a good understanding as to why we celebrate Easter at this time of year. In addition to this, the children have been doing lots of Easter activities such as making their own chicks, painting their own Easter eggs, making chocolate Easter nest cakes and even doing the Easter egg hunt on the last day of term!


We have been preparing for our pirates topic next term and the children have been sharing what they already know in order to help design our role play area. We are really excited about learning this topic and look forward to seeing what brilliant work the children produce from their amazing ideas.

Thank you to everyone for their help and support this term it is always greatly appreciated! We hope you have a lovely Easter half term and a well-deserved rest and look forward to doing lots of new learning next term!

Don’t forget to wear your pirate clothes on Tuesday 25th April ready for our trip to Sand Bay. Follow us on twitter @Diane_MartinStA for any updates!

Week 6

This week the Busy Bees have been looking at money and the different value of coins and what they look like. They have really enjoyed reading ‘The great pet shop sale’ and retelling this in the Busy Bees own pet shop! Whilst the children were doing lots of learning, they noticed our butterflies hatching from their cocoons! We carefully took them out of their pot so that the children could have a go at holding them if they wanted to. We were fascinated by their beautiful colours in their wings. Later on that day, when the wings became strong enough the children went outside to set them free! During playtime’s, the children have been checking on them to see if their ok!

DSC01821DSC01874 DSC01881 DSCN1827 DSCN1822DSC01812

Later on in the week the children tried out doing some more yoga. The children copied the video that was retelling the story of Frozen, whilst balancing into some very tricky positions! We have also been learning about symmetry in maths this week. The children have been finding objects with lines of symmetry by drawing lines or using mirrors and making symmetrical patterns ensuring that it is the same on both sides! What objects can you find at home that are symmetrical?


Week 5

This week we have been doing lots of maths work particularly focusing on weighing and distance. We started looking at how heavy or light different objects are and explored and estimated different ways to make them heavier or lighter using a variety of different scales. The children followed a recipe to make salt dough ensuring they weighed the correct amount of ingredients before putting it in! Why not challenge your child to see what things they can weigh around your home!

DSC01723 DSC01732 DSC01761DSCN1715

Further on in the week we started looking at distance and how far away something is. The children looked at measuring distance using blocks and counting how many blocks away the object was. They also measured using the number of steps and have started using the language of miles and metres. We used the kurling stones and the children had a competition to see which teach could push them the furthest. They recorded their scores using tally charts.


We have been continuing to look at life cycles and our caterpillars have now made their cocoon. We dissolved an egg shell using vinegar so the children were able to see the membrane and feel the inside of the egg. They also had a look at a wasps nest and goose egg (it was huge)! The children have continually been checking on the chicks in the incubator ready for when they hatch in a couple of weeks!

DSC01788 DSC01765

Week 4

This week we marked the end of our learning theme ‘who would you be if you lived in a castle?’ The children celebrated their learning with a performance banquet for Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.  We are all incredibly proud of the children who worked so hard to make it brilliant.  Thank you to all the parents and carers who supported us throughout the learning theme as well as coming to the Banquet and for all your kind comments.

More photos to follow!

As well as having our sister class from Hewish over for the banquet we have been enjoying learning about lifecycles.  The children have explored the lifecycles of butterflies, frogs, chicks, apple trees, ladybirds, bees, spiders and even slugs!  In addition to having caterpillars in the classroom we now have frogspawn in the garden and eggs in the incubator.  We are hoping we might have chicks hatching just in time for Easter ~ how very exciting!


DSCN1704 DSCN1549 DSCN1559 DSCN1572DSC01217

Term 4 Week 3

Excitement is mounting as we prepare for our banquet!  The children are busy making final preparations and practicing their performances.  The banquet will be on Wednesday 15th March @ 1.45pm in the school hall.  The performance will be with our sister class from Hewish so because of the numbers in the hall we will need to restrict admission to two adults per child.  It should be lots of fun and we hope you will all participate as we transport you back to medieval times!

This week has been National Science Week and we have begun to investigate life cycles.  An arrival of newly hatched caterpillars arrived and we have already been finding out lots of exciting things about the life cycle of the butterfly. Why not ask your child what they have learnt so far?

DSCN1561 DSCN1571


This week in class we have been challenging the children to apply the maths we have been learning recently about number to some challenges and we have been surprised and excited by how well the children are applying their maths knowledge to these tasks ~ well done Busy Bees.

The children continue to make good progress with phonics and we can see this in their reading and writing.  There is an expectation that you read with your child at least three times a week as this really gives them confidence when they come to read in school.  Many thanks for being such supportive parents.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the banquet on Wednesday!

Term 4 Week 2

This week the children have continued to prepare for their banquet.  Today they are bringing home their hand written invitations, inviting you to join them on Wednesday 15th March at 1.45pm.  The banquet is a joint activity with the Busy Bees at Hewish, so spaces are limited to two per family please.

In phonics, the children are learning to write labels, captions and simple sentences using the sounds and sight words learnt so far.  On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day as a whole school.  Thank you for sending in photographs showing the children enjoying reading their books in different places.

The children have been busy planting different types of seeds, as well as learning to identify similarities, differences and change through finding out about the different seasons.  If you are out and about at the weekend, you could ask them to look out for any of the signs of spring.

As part of our RE, we are learning about some of the different miracles and parables told in the Bible, today the children learnt about ‘The Lost Sheep’.  It is lovely to hear them sharing their ideas and reflecting on what different people believe.

Have a lovely weekend.

Term 4 Week 1

Welcome back, we hope you all had a good half term.

We have lots of exciting things planned for this term including our medieval banquet which will be a performance of the children’s learning for you (and Elsa) to enjoy!  The date for the banquet is Wednesday the 15th March in the hall at West Wick at 1.45 pm.  There will be limited spaces so only two people per family please.

This week we have been amazed by the changes in our beans and we have been making observational drawings and writing about the changes we have seen.  In phonics we are now consolidating our knowledge of the sounds we have learnt so far.  Thank you to those of you who practiced our new sight words with the children they were fantastic with them!

In maths we continue to delve deeper into the children’s conceptual understanding of maths and we have been telling lots of number stories which the children have used pictures to represent the numbers in the stories.

On Thursday we asked you to bring in some sticks and after listening to the story of ‘Stick Man’ the children engaged their creative thinking skills to make ‘a stick thing’!  What marvellous imaginations they have look at some of their wonderful creations.

DSC00986 DSC00988 DSC00990

Have a lovely week end.

Week 6

What an exciting end to the term we have had! We started the week with a visit from an expert archer.  He showed the children his collection of bows and arrows and talked about how they were used in the castle.  Amazingly he also had a fantastic collection of real armour, including chain mail and a carefully protected sword.  The children then had the opportunity to have a go at archery.  The children who already attend archery club became our experts and supported the other children by showing them the correct safety procedures and by modelling the archer’s stance.

DSC00878 DSC00884DSC00886

On Tuesday we visited the Puxton Park Falconry Centre where Gary the Falconer showed us his magnificent birds and told us who in the castle would have flown the birds. Some of the children had the opportunity to hold and fly the birds and the adults helping with the visit also got to fly the larger birds.  One of our children asked Gary if he had any leaflets about the birds and although Puxton have leaflets about the birds they don’t have any about the history of falconry and so Gary has asked us if we would make some information leaflets for Puxton Park!  What a great opportunity to do purposeful learning ~ we look forward to seeing what the children produce!




Continuing our exciting week we had a unique opportunity to try wheelchair basketball yesterday and we were absolutely astounded by how very quickly the children picked it up! They were soon whizzing around the hall, scoring baskets and having so much fun.  Thank you Mrs Hodges for arranging such a wonderful experience for the children.



We always welcome parents in to help with our learning and the children had great fun making trebuchets with a parent. As well as the problem solving and creative thinking the children showed in making them we also had some great maths language when at the end of the day we had a mini competition to see who could fire their trebuchet the furthest!



Finally, a massive thank you to all the parents who support us in so many ways. We wouldn’t have the trips, visits and experiences we do have without your support and it was truly amazing to see everyone at parents evening and to know that you support the children on their learning journey.

Have a lovely half term.

Week 5

Dragons and mythical creatures have been central to our learning and play this week and the children have really enjoyed making dragons, dressing up as dragons and riding unicorns!  We have also been exploring how Chinese New year is celebrated around the world and we had a great time making dancing dragons, telling traditional Chinese tales and sampling Chinese food which we ate with chopsticks!


In phonics this week we have learnt the new sounds ‘ear’ as in hear, air as in hair, ure as in pure, er as in mixer and a new sight word ‘you’. Please support them to practice reading these sounds at home, thank you.


The children have been observing and writing about the beans they planted at the start of term and we have been amazed by how tall they are now.  The children wrote some fabulous sentences and we are really seeing the progress they are making in their phonics show in their writing ~ well done Busy Bees.


In Maths we have been securing the children’s knowledge of addition and introducing the concept of subtraction.  I have been so very impressed with their learning and how they are challenging themselves to solve problems and to explore the mathematical concepts that underpin addition.  As part of the NSPCC Number Day, the children have thought  about where we find numbers, who the charity helps and have enjoyed playing lots of number games and activities.



Next week is going to be extremely busy as on Monday we have a real archer coming in to teach them about archery in medieval times and on Tuesday we have our visit to Puxton Park to find out about falconry as it would have been in a castle.


Week 4

It has been another busy week in the Busy  Bees with the children learning how to be court jesters!  They have been learning to juggle and tumble and tell jokes ~ I wonder if they will choose to be a jester?

DSC00742 DSC00702

In maths this week we have been focussing on addition of number.  The children have been doing lots of practical addition and recording in pictures and numbers.  If you would like to support them at home  why don’t you roll a dice and see how many different ways they can make that number.  Remember we would love to see what they are doing because it shows us they are able to apply their learning to different contexts.

In phonics this week the children have been learning ‘ow’ as in cow, ‘oi’ as in coin, ‘ur’ as in purse, ‘or’ as in fork and ‘ear’ as in hear. Please keep up the reading at home.  It is vitally important that each child reads their book at least three times to develop fluency ~ thank you.

In other learning, the children have been very excited to see their beanstalks growing and have made some clouds and castles for the beans to grow up.  We had some amazing innovations of Jack and the Beanstalk this week with the children choosing their own characters for the story.  We had dragons, ghosts and vampires in the castle and we saw the children doing some great story telling ~ well done Busy Bees.

Have a lovely weekend

Week 3

‘Knights joust’ has been the call in the Learning Street this week as the children have learnt what fun and hard work a tournament would have been! As well as the obvious history the children have been researching, this experience has supported all our areas of learning and it is super to see the children learning and having such fun together.

DSC00585 DSC00577

In phonics this week we have learnt ‘igh’ as in light, ‘ar’ as in car, ‘oa’ as in goat, ‘ee’ as in bee and ‘oo’ as in zoo.  We are also focussing on writing our sight words.

We have continued to immerse the children in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and each child now has their own story map so they can practice telling the story to you at home.


Our beans have begun to sprout and the children have been writing down their observations and making detailed drawings of what they can see.

In maths we have been measuring using comparative language as well as using standard and non-standard measure in lots of different ways.  We have sent home a challenge to help support this learning which we hope you enjoy doing with your Busy Bee.

Term 3, Week 2

There has been lots of amazing learning taking part in the Busy Bees class this week.  We have introduced our key text Jack and the Beanstalk and the children have begun to explore the main characters and have made a story map to support their retelling of the story.  Their excitement for the story has shown in their play and we have had some amazing story telling and acting in our role play castle where a mysterious beanstalk grew over night!  The children have also planted their own beans and are eagerly watching to see if a beanstalk will grow.

DSC00481 DSC00482 DSC00533

This week the children have been introduced to the digraphs ‘th’ as in think, ‘ng’ as in sing and ‘ai’ as in snail as well as the consonant blend ‘nk’ as in stink. They have also been learning the sight words ‘me’, ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘we’ and ‘be’.  Please support your child at home by practicing these new sounds and sight words as the more exposure they have to them the better ~ thank you.

In Maths the children have been finding ways of making ten using a ‘tens frame’.  We are really encouraging the children to explain their thinking in maths and they are becoming really good at telling us how they know something.  For example, if they have 10 counters and 9 are yellow and one is red they might say ‘I know there are nine yellow ones because I counted them’ or they might say ‘I know there are 9 yellow counters because I have 10 and one is red and 10 – 1 is 9’, or they might say ‘I know there are 9 yellow counters because 9+1 is 10 and I have ten counters’.  By asking children to explain their thinking it helps us to check they don’t have any errors in their thinking and it also helps them to see that addition and subtraction are inverse operations. Well done Busy Bees ~ great maths learning.

Term 3, Week 1

Happy New Year!  We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a much needed rest.  It was lovely to welcome the children back to school and although it has been a short week it has been packed with exciting things.


Thursday saw the launch of our new learning theme, ‘who would you be if you lived in a castle?’ The children all came dressed up and keen to tell us who they thought they would like to be.  We then had a surprise visitor, Queen Elsa who asked the children to help her think of something they could do to help her show her sister Anna that she was sorry.  The children had some wonderful ideas such as ‘say you are sorry’, ‘give her a hug’, ‘give her one of your toys’, but the one she liked the best was to give her a party.  Elsa explained that in a castle a party is called a banquet and she challenged us to put on a banquet for Anna and Olaf! The children are incredibly excited and can’t wait to learn all about castle life so they can put on this banquet. We will keep you informed!

dscn0288  dscn0326

Some of the activities the children have done to introduce the learning:

Do you want to build a snowman ~ edible and dough snowmen.

Exploring the properties of gloop ~ making snowballs

Role play in our castle

Small world knights and castles.

dsc00375 dsc00378 dsc00404 dsc00406 dsc00411 dsc00432 dsc00436

In phonics this week we have learnt three new sounds, ‘sh’ as in shell, ‘qu’ as in queen and ‘ch’ as in church.  They children have also been introduced to some new sight words.  These are ‘me’, ‘be’, ‘we’, ‘he’ and ‘she’.  Please support your children by helping them to learn these off by heart.

A big question from the children this week,  “If our bodies are made of water, why don’t we freeze?”

For your information PE this term will be on a Friday.  However, please ensure their kit is in school every day as we often have ad hock activities which require them to use their kit.


Term 2, week 7

The final week of term has been fun filled and full of glitter!  The children had a lovely time playing and learning with the Busy Bee Class from Hewish and I was super impressed with the kindness and friendship our class extended toward them.

Christmas lunch was amazing ~ such a lovely, happy atmosphere and I hope some of these images show just what a good time we all had.

We have all been over whelmed by the wonderful cards and presents.  Thank you all so very much.

Finally we would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

dsc00313 dsc00311 dsc00315


Term 3, week 6

img_1929      img_1938

We are all feeling incredibly proud of everyone in the Busy Bees for amazing performances in our nativity Prickly Hay.  Thank you for all your support.

Term 2, week 4

What a busy week! The children have started to practice for our upcoming nativity ‘Prickly Hay’.  They are doing so well and we are looking forward to performing it for you.  They have come home tonight with the costume requirements in their book bags.  If you have any difficulties please contact us and we will try our best to help you.  Costumes should be in school by the 2nd December.


In phonics we have been learning the phonemes ‘e’ as in egg, ‘u’ as in umbrella, ‘r’ as in red, ‘h’ as in hat and ‘b’ as in bat.  They have been introduced to two new sight words  ‘I’ and ‘into’.  The children are really enjoying all our phonics activities and we would like to thank you for all your support in developing their enthusiasm for phonics.  Next week we will be looking at the sounds ‘h’, ‘f’, ‘ff’’ ‘l’ ‘ll’, ‘ SS’ and V.


In Maths the children have been securing their knowledge of one more/ one less and they are being given opportunities to apply their learning in lots of different play activities.  To support their learning of number why not cosy indoors and play some family number games with them.  A game which really supports all areas of learning is ‘Kim’s game’.  This is where you put five or six objects on a tray, cover them with a cloth and take one away.  Ask them to use their memory to say which is missing.  Building their working memory is such an important thing to do for all of their learning.


Also this week the children have enjoyed gym and using the new trim trail.  They have been discussing their favourite learning from our ‘Can we build it?’ learning theme and we have had discussions about staying safe and what to do if we get lost when we are out and about.

Term 2, Week 3

This week the Busy Bees have been hunting!  We have used the story ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ and have thought about what we would like to go on a hunt for and what we might have to navigate to get there.  Here are some of the children’s amazing ideas:

‘We’re going on a t-rex hunt.  We’re looking for an enormous one’

‘We’re going on a princess hunt.  We’re looking for a beautiful one’

‘Uh oh, a volcano.  A big fiery volcano’

‘Uh oh, a gate.  A creepy, creaky gate’

dscn9995 dscn9981

It has been lovely to see the children so enthusiastic about reading so thank you for all your encouragement.  Please remember to write in their journal that they have read and a few lines about how they did.  It really does help us as we can quickly pick up on any issues.

This week in  phonics the children have been learning the sounds ‘o’ as in orange, ‘g’ as in gate, ‘c’ as in cat, ‘k’ as in kitten and they also know that ‘ck’ is one sound as in the word back. They have also been practicing the sight words ‘the’, ‘to’, ‘go’ and ‘no’.  Next week we will look at phonemes ‘e’, ‘u’, ‘r’ ‘h’ and ‘b’ and the sight words ‘I’ and ‘into’.

Our maths lessons have focussed on the maths vocabulary ‘more’ and ‘less’.  We have done this in a very practical way using games and activities that the children have shown an interest in.

Thank you for your donations for Children in Need, the children met Pudsey earlier in the week.  As part of our Worship, we looked at how the money is used to help other children.

dsc00102 dsc00103 dsc00107

The children have really enjoyed using the new play equipment today.  It was a delight to see how they helped and supported each other.  Well done Busy Bees!


Term 2, Week 2

This week the Busy Bees have been adding to their repertoire of building by looking at different types of bridges and designing and building their own.  Firstly we looked at their building skills from when they first came to school and how it has developed to include planning, problem solving and creativity. Then the children selected the resources they wanted to use based on what they have learnt about materials and they set about building.  I was so very impressed to hear children saying things like:

‘I’m just having a think about how to sort this problem ~ ah I’m going to try this’. ‘I’m going to surprise you with my bridge’ and ‘I’m pretending that this is metal because I know that metal is very, very strong’.

We also saw amazing cooperation skills with the children helping each other and sharing the resources. Well done Busy Bees ~ amazing learning.

In maths this week the children have been playing games to find one more or one less than a given number to ten as well as working on their number recognition and counting skills.  Thank you to everyone who is supporting their children with the weekly number challenges.  The children’s confidence in maths is fantastic!

In phonics this week we have introduced the sounds ‘i’ as in ink, ‘n’ as in net, ‘m’ as in mat and ‘d’ as in dog. Today the children have learnt the sight words ‘the’ and ‘to’.  The children were also very excited to get their first reading books today.  Please support the children to read these books at home.  Remember, the first time you read sound out the words.  When they can do this read the words ‘Fred in your head’ and finally practice until they are fluent.  If you have any questions about supporting your child with reading please see any of the EYFS staff and we will be happy to help. Next week in phonics the children will be learning ‘g’, ‘o’, ‘c’, ‘k’ and the sight words no and go.

Finally, we are a ‘Learning without Limits’ school and it is fantastic to watch your children learn without any limits on them or on what they can achieve.  They really believe in themselves and are developing an amazing attitude to learning.  Already I am hearing children talking about challenging themselves and being the best they can be.  Wow Busy Bees!

Learn to love and love to learn

Term 2 , Week 1

I hope you all had a lovely half term with your children. They certainly came back full of the exciting things they had done so we began the week by using a protocol called a pinwheel to share our news. This gave every child the opportunity to talk about the fun things they had done in the holidays and it also was a good opportunity for them to listen to each other too.

It was fantastic to see so many of the Busy Bee’s @ West Wick parents on Wednesday night for our maths and phonics parents evening. Thank you for all the support and kind words. Please don’t worry if you couldn’t make it but would like to know more ~ catch up with me at the door and we will see what we can do!

On Tuesday, in our daily phonic session, we introduced the first sound on our journey to becoming fluent readers! The children were amazing and really engaged with the process. So far this week we have learnt ‘s’ as in sun, ‘a’ as in ant, ‘t’ as in tap and ‘p’ as in pig. It is really important that over the weekend you give the children opportunities to practice saying these sounds. Next week we will be learning the sounds ‘i’ as in ink, ‘n’ as in net’ ‘m’ as in mop and ‘d’ as in dog. They will also be introduced to the sight words ‘the’ and ‘to’ so if you want to have a little practice with them please do!


‘Slug on a stick’

In Maths children have been thinking about numbers as labels and  if you would like to support them why not go for a walk around your neighbourhood and look for and identify numbers you can see. They might be on doors, car registration plates, bins, signs and in shops.

Also this week the children have been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. They made clay ‘diva’ lamps, made rangoli patterns using chalk in the playground and designed mehndi patterns for hands and feet. Everyone enjoyed the story of Sita and Rama and we learnt a song about Diwali and did some beautiful Indian dancing.

dsc09723 dsc09724  dsc09726


Having discovered how Diwali is celebrated the children then learnt why we have the British tradition of firework night. Why not ask them what they found out?


Exciting things have been happening in our school field this week! The builders have been in to put together a ‘trim trail’. We used the opportunity to watch the builders in action and to ask questions about the tools they were using ~ they even offered them health and safety advice ~ well done Busy Bees!

dsc09667 dsc09659

The staff at West Wick have been overwhelmed by the posters that have come into school ~ they have been amazing. We will be judging them soon and the winners will be made into posters and placed in the car park and in Scot Elm Drive ~ watch this space!

Week 8

It’s hard to believe but we have now completed our first term!  It has been lovely to feed back to you ALL at our Learning Review meetings and I feel incredibly blessed to have such amazing support from everyone.  Education is definitely a partnership and working together is going to make a positive difference to your children ~ thank you.

This week the Busy Bees have been looking at the different materials we can use to build a house and have been looking at some amazing houses from around the world.  We looked at igloos, grass and mud houses, houses made from bottles and even houses made from used transport like planes, boats and buses!  The children also came up with their own ideas with my particular favourite being a house of chocolate! They then added their ideas to their stories and we have enjoyed watching them perform them in their play.

In Maths we have been learning about repeating patterns and the children have had the opportunity to make patterns with beads, shapes, colours, natural materials, cars, people and even with musical notes! They went orienteering for shapes and it was great to see the children challenging themselves to look for patterns in number. As always the children have surprised us with their creativity and ideas for learning ~ perhaps you would like to collect things during the half term and make some patterns with the children that they could bring in to show us!

dsc09610 dsc09617 dsc09632

Today it was lovely to see the children dressed as farmers, the children have been learning about where different types of food come from, making (and eating) jam and honey sandwiches, playing with the farm, making scarecrows and planting bulbs.  We were very fortunate to even have a visit from three calves called Kate, Eleanor and Isabel and two chickens.  Many thanks to Mr and Mrs Hutchings for bringing the animals in for us.

dsc09651 dscn9655 dscn9659 dscn9678  dscn9687

Finally we would like to wish you all a happy and relaxing half term ~ I know all the children are tired after their first term at school and the EYFS team here @ West Wick will definitely be having a well-deserved rest!

Happy holiday

Week 7

So much learning has been happening in the Busy Bee’s class this week. We started the week looking at 2D shapes and then introduced geometric 3D shapes. Throughout the week the children have been exploring these shapes in lots of different ways. Please look at some of the amazing things they have done. If you would like to support the children at home why not look around the house and see if you can find some 3D shapes with your child. Some examples might be:

cylinder  – can of beans

triangular prism – toblerone

cube – oxo cube

cuboid- box of cereal


dscn9412  dscn9437

dscn9442  dscn9345

Also this week the children have been working together as a crew and they have had great fun using the parachute as a way of cooperating together and supporting each other. They have also played lots of turn taking games and been given some lovely open ended challenges to complete.

In RE, we have been learning about the story of Moses.  The children have enjoyed listening to a song that tells the story.

In PE this week we have been developing our throwing and catching skills. You might like to try and continue developing these skills at home. Thank you for helping your children change independently, it really shows!


We are running a Maths and phonics workshop on Wednesday 2nd November, from 5.30-7pm @West Wick. We look forward to seeing you there.

Week 6

We have enjoyed a beautiful sunny week and in the Busy Bees we have certainly made the most of it with lots of outdoor learning opportunities.  Here are some of the things your amazing children have been learning this week.

Our week began with an intruder alert ~ the Big Bad Wolf had been in our classroom and left footprints all over the classroom!  We immediately had an investigation and set about measuring the footprints.  The children used a range of measuring equipment including meter sticks, tape measures and rulers as well as non-standard measuring equipment such as lollipop sticks and pencils.


The next stage in our investigation was to find the entry point of the wolf so an inspection of the perimeter fence was undertaken.  Mrs Burge (Health & Safety Officer for the school) was kept informed by the children.  Mrs Burge has been extremely impressed with the Busy Bees @ West Wicks attitude toward keeping safe and one child, Jacob Dixon who has been behind this interest received a very special award.  Mrs Jo Crickson from PCSA awarded Jacob with the very first Health & Safety Superstar award!  We are all extremely proud of Jacob who helps us keep everyone safe and has even undertaken health and safety walks with Mrs Burge around the West Wick campus.  Well done Jacob.

On Thursday we received a letter from the Big Bad Wolf who as it seems was not so big or bad after all!  He explained in his letter that he had only come in because he was cold, homeless and hungry as his house had also been blown down.  The children immediately wanted to build him a house (they are now experts at this) and they set about building and constructing dens on the field and making dinner in the mud kitchen.

dsc09245 dsc09341dsc09224

All of this amazing learning is recorded in our class documentations.  These show the learning journey of the children and include WAGOLLs (This is an acronym for ‘what a good one looks like’) and steps in learning for the children to refer to. These documentations also remind us of how the children constantly surprise us with their creativity and imagination.  Learning Without Limits in action # be the best you can be!

dsc09377 dsc09378

The children will be coming home with another maths learning challenge.  Thank you for supporting the children with these.

Week 5

What a busy time we have had learning lots of new things this week.  We started the week by challenging the children to build houses for the three little pigs.  The children had a variety of materials to build with and they completely surprised us with their creativity and imagination.  We had some amazing houses built with care and attention and in the garden we even had a barbecue complete with sausages for the wolf to fall into!


In maths this week we have been focusing on number with the children counting collections of objects, recognising numbers and ordering numbers in their play.  They have also had the opportunity to use real measuring and weighing equipment in their play.  We have sent the children home another maths learning challenge in their book bags.  Please support your child with these fun, simple tasks as it really will support their maths learning ~ thank you.

The children took part today in a beautiful harvest festival and to support their understanding of what we mean by ‘harvest time’ the children had the opportunity to taste a variety of breads and to make their own bread.  They drew observational pictures of vegetables and had their own harvest fruit shop full of delicious things for them to ‘buy’.  They also learnt some traditional harvest songs and had fun being a dingle, dangle scarecrow!


Another first! Today the children changed into their PE kit for gymnastics.  As you can imagine it was not without its comical moments but on the whole the children tried very hard and enjoyed the session.  It would really support them if you could practice changing independently and please check all clothes are labelled.

There is definitely a more autumnal feel in the air and the mornings have been quite chilly.  However, we don’t let the cold air (or rain) stop us and we still go outside everyday so please send your child with a warm and waterproof coat every day.


Week 4

Our first full week has been crammed with fun and learning and we would like to share with you just a few of the many wonderful things your children have been learning.

We began the week by introducing our text for this term ‘the three little pigs’.  The children listened to the story and then did some drama when they took on the role of the characters in the story.  Over the week they have started to learn the story with the use of a story map and actions.  They had opportunities for making props, building houses for the pigs and for retelling the story with puppets.

dscn8758  dscn8700


Look at the children’s house of bricks. They have made a warm water pot for the wolf to fall into. How creative!

In maths this week we are focusing on number and counting and the children have been counting pigs, wolves and bricks and have been learning to accurately count sounds.  We are now working on identifying numerals and ordering numbers 1-20.  This week the children will be bringing home a maths challenge sheet which will support the learning we have started in class.  Please support your children to complete these challenges.  We have tried to make them quick and fun and we would really welcome looking at pictures or reading about how the children got on so please feel free to send in observations of their learning in any form you like.


On Thursday we had a mucky day looking at mud!  We explored the properties of mud, listened to words that describe mud; made clay flower gardens and painted with mud we also made some amazing mud pies! Such a lot of fun was had and it really showed your children’s creativity.  Well done Busy Bees.   dscn8798

A polite reminder, please remember to send your child with a bottle of water, not juice.  Thank you

Week 3

Our new Busy Bees have had a lovely week at school and for the very first time we have been together as a class. It has been lovely to see the children meeting up with old friends, making new friends and working and playing together.

dscn8465 dscn8552 dscn8533 dscn8526

This week we have been staying for lunch and the children have coped extremely well.  They are getting used to the routine and they seem to have enjoyed meeting the older children who have been extremely kind and welcoming towards them.

In the class we have started our early reading sessions and have been doing lots of ‘toy talk’.  This is when we orally break down the sounds in words and encourage the children to put them together again in words.  For example, we had some farm animals in a bag and sang old McDonald had a farm.  We then sounded out the name of an animal, for example,   p  i  g and the children had to guess the animal.  We have also been encouraging them to say the sounds they can here in words ~ so if you hear them speaking in a strange way you now know why!

In maths the children have been counting groups of objects and we have been giving them lots of strategies for careful counting.   If you would like to support your child at home with their counting choose a collection of things they are interested in (cars, dolls, sweets etc) and ask them to put them carefully in a line.  Then encourage them to point or move one object at a time saying one number name each time they count.  Remind them that the last number they say is how many there are in the group.

We have been really lucky with the weather this week and the children have really enjoyed exploring the garden and the school grounds.  They love the construction area and we have been observing how creative the children are in the things they have been making and doing in the garden.

dsc08715 dsc08733  dscn8450

On Tuesday we saw how unpredictable the great British weather can be and the children had the opportunity to see the storm in all its glory! Because we are now coming to the time of year when the weather is changing please remember to send your child in with a coat each day and please, please, please put their name in them!

We look forward to seeing you all next week.

Week 1/2

Welcome to the Busy Bees @ West Wick.  It has been wonderful meeting you and your lovely children this week.  They have all settled amazingly well and seem to be enjoying their first experience of being a learner in the Busy Bees  at St Anne’s .

dscn8444  dsc08644

Some of the things they have been doing include:  playing in the outdoor role-play construction area and mud kitchen; making chocolate play dough cakes; lots of craft and most importantly making lots of new friends!

dsc08675              dsc08578