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Year 6 @Hewish

Term 6 Week 1

We’ve only been back for a week but have already ‘crammed’ so many experiences in. The week began with the staff at Uphill Primary. We listened to two speakers. The first was Dr Andrew Curran who spoke about Learning and the Brain. It was truly fascinating to find how the brain makes connections and this research certainly helped us understand more about how people learn. The second speaker was Dam Alison Peacock whose Learning Without Limits approach is one we are fully committed to at St. Anne’s. The Year six crew arrived back on Tuesday ready for their final term at St. Anne’s. By the end of the week, the girls had become county cricket champions, the boys had come third in their competition, parliament leaders had become involved in solving problems with the storage of lunch boxes and on Friday we spent the day celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday with a series of 9 different activities which culminated in the children learning and singing the National Anthem. To conclude, the children entered a sweepstake to decide which country they would focus on as part of their Euro 2016 home learning project. The teachers joined in. I got Belgium! Enjoy the football.

Term 5 Week 6

“Wow! Look at the presentation. And the quality of the work.” That’s a comment from the Year 7 tutors from Priory as they looked through learning journals belonging to the children.  They visited us this week to meet the children who will be moving to Priory in September.  It’s always nice to leave a good first impression! Huge thanks to all of you for supporting Sports Day which was a pleasure to be involved in. We have many talented athletes who have play hard yet fair.

Term 5 week 5

Working as scientists this week, the children have learnt about reversible and irreversible changes as well as safety associated with outdoor barbecues. his has linked to writing about whether barbecues should be allowed in parks or not.

Term 5 Week 4

SAT’s week. Every single one of our Year six crew gave their all this week in what was an extremely challenging week. We are proud of all of our learners for the way they approached the tasks, their perseverance and determination to succeed.

Term 5 Week 3

This week saw the conclusion of the writing about ChemLabs visit. The value of experiences to stimulate learning cannot be underestimated and can be clearly seen in the children’s writing. It’s on display just outside of our classroom.

Term 5 Week 2

Following on from last week’s visit form Chem Labs, the crew have been creating texts explaining the science involved. I have been really impressed with their creativity, use of technical vocabulary and variety of sentence structure. In maths, we continued to explore algebra and consolidated adding and subtracting fractions. The week culminated with athletics, led by Dave Turner. Sports day this year looks set to be of a very high standard.

Term 5 Week 1  

An extremely busy week which included a visit from Chem Labs and a visit to our friends at Uphill Primary. Chem Labs is an organisation from Bristol University which visit schools to inspire the next generation of scientists. Our children had opportunities to make slime, test chemical reactions as well as observe presentations from the group. On Friday, we visited Uphill to be the audience for their Performance of Understanding. Their children had made scientific board games as part of their latest learning theme. As well as being a great afternoon, it was wonderful to see so many young people collaborating and making new friends. 

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Year 6 Crew Parental Information Sheet 2016

Week 23

World Maths Day and World Book Day were celebrated and enjoyed by all this week with the children being thrilled by their performance in the times table challenge and arriving in spectacular costume to celebrate their favourite books. In the afternoon, we presented the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant to the Year Five crew who were invited to wander through the story as the children performed. Check out the photo’s below!

IMG_0391  IMG_0708 IMG_0698

Week 22

Some fantastic questions and thought provoking debate amongst the crew this week as they explored how parliament in Westminster works and how bills are debated and voted on. In maths, our learning has centred around securing our understanding of ratio.

Week 21

Thank you to all of you who attended our pupil conferences. I trust you found it useful to hear how your children are progressing as learners and young people and also, how you can help them in the next stages of their learning. Enjoy half-term.

Week 17

Great effort in maths this week, with the whole crew developing their learning journeys in multiplication. Many Greek myths were explored helping the crew to develop their skills of inference. Our athletes competed in the sports hall athletics competition and came 2nd! Well done to all.

Week 16

Welcome back and a happy new year to you all. Our new learning theme is entitled ‘Who holds the Power?’ We launched the theme with a day of making a TV program using iPads. The feedback afterwards helped us to plan what we need to do to become expert presenters and documentary makers. We will develop these skills in the coming weeks. We also discussed the difference between power and influence and how this applies to  our own families!

Week 15

A lovely week with the children reflecting on the message of the ‘Nine lessons and Carols’ which are
broadcast every Christmas Eve from Kings College Cambridge. We all enjoyed the Christmas lunch at our West Wick site on Wednesday. Thanks to all for your support this term. Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all back safe and well in 2016.

Week 14

This was a week of performance in many areas. Those of you who attended the carol concert can’t fail to have been impressed by the way the children from all KS2 classes sang and spoke during the service. Thanks to Noah and Nevaeh for the wonderful way they led the service and our super readers from Year 6. In addition, it was our Performance of Understanding which took place at Uphill Primary School. The children presented their theme park rides to the Year 6 children at Uphill in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style production. They received many offers of investment! It was a pleasure to see the children from both schools collaborating so well.

Week 13

A hive of activity as prototypes are turned into reality with the crew redesigning, making, altering, testing and finally producing their completed theme park rides. They supplemented their design work with explanatory texts which detail the science, maths and design thoughts that have been learnt throughout the theme.

Week 12

As a result of the thinking from last week, the children needed to learn about the impact friction would have on their rollercoasters. Working collaboratively, they learnt which materials would be most useful for slowing and stopping marbles as well as how they could add speed to a marble which was extremely useful to force the marble around loops and across jumps.

Week 11

Thinking and working as mathematicians, scientists and designers dominated this week with the crew learning and applying new knowledge of forces, angle and mechanisms. Success was achieved on Monday with the children working alongside the Year 5 crew to use their knowledge of angle when calculating how far a marble will travel through the air due to the speed and angle it is launched from. This led to successful rollercoaster design, including collaboration to make a loop the loop work. Further investigation into cams enabled the children to learn how these mechanisms contribute to different ways of moving.

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Week 10

A varied and hugely productive week which began with the children writing about why we have poppies and concluded with sports hall athletics with Mr Turner. In between, the crew investigated air resistance by creating and testing their own parachutes, enhanced their skills of long division, and performed a wonderful rendition of ‘Living on a Prayer’ during celebration worship. Dressed as superheroes, the children also applied their division learning to investigate fund raising linked to Children in Need on Friday.

IMG_0908 IMG_0911 IMG_0952 IMG_0953 IMG_0954 IMG_0956 IMG_0957 IMG_0923

Week 9

The week began with a visit from Stuart who brought his circus skills to school. The children were inspired to learn how to juggle, walk on stilts and throw and catch a diablo. We used these activities to support our learning in science about gravity and air resistance which in turn will inform our roller-coaster designs. I was thrilled to see the children acting as scientists this week.

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Week 8

Although it was half term, I was extremely impressed with the number of children who continued to develop their skills on the 100 word challenge. It’s fantastic to see their sense of community as they provide feedback to each other on their work. Remember that you can also give the children feedback by visiting and following the advice on how to comment on writing. It really does boost the children’s esteem and motivation when they receive comments from others.

Week 7

A week of leading. After developing leadership skills last week, we continued the theme this week. On Monday the children led our Harvest worship at Hewish in the morning and then again at West Wick in the afternoon where it was lovely to see many members of the children’s families come to celebrate with us. On Thursday, fourteen of our crew went to cross country with Mrs Hodges and Mrs Webb where they were commended for their excellent teamwork and behaviour. Many returned with medals including William who led the team home by winning his category. Well done to all.

Week 6

Wow! What an exciting end to our week. After notifying you of our first entries into the 100 word challenge, we are delighted to announce that Kayisha’s writing has been chosen to be part of the showcase alongside children from as far afield as Thailand and USA! We are very proud of her. You can view screenshots of the showcase below, alongside Kayisha’s writing. Notice how every word adds meaning to the piece. If you would like to view other pieces of writing, please go to where you can also give children kind, specific and helpful feedback which can inspire them to produce great work.

image image 

Also this week, our parliament groups started to develop their anti-bullying presentations whilst on Friday seven of our crew began their school games crew training which means they’ll be leading sporting events for children throughout the school.

Week 5

What an exciting week. The children officially entered the 100 word challenge – a weekly creative writing challenge attempted by schools around the world. It does what it says on the tin – be creative in 100 words. All entries are approved by the teachers as is the feedback that the children receive. You can provide feedback too. Go to to add your own comments. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Week 4

The children are now members of Sumdog – an online maths app which develops the children’s maths skills in a fun interactive way. The children have their own login details to access this. They can work on Sumdog at home as well as in school. Home learning club runs on a Friday lunchtime in our room where the children can use this app if they wish.



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Who would have thought that maths could be so much fun

Week 1

A great first week back. Our children never cease to amaze. Here are three poems upon the value of trust based upon the migrant crisis. View them all in the entrance to our classroom.

If only I could    Imagine 1    Imagine 2