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Laughing Lions

“While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.”
Angela Schwindt
  1. Well, what a busy term it has been so far!
  2. The children in the Laughing Lions are really enjoying the learning theme “Does Every Picture Tell a Story”.
  3. We have learnt about Queen Victoria and what it was like to work under ground in a mine during Victorian times.
  4. The story of Oliver Twist is brilliant, we had a debate. We had to give an argument for and against pick pocketing it was interesting listening to each others opinion.


  1. In Maths we have been busy learning to tell the time. We had great fun playing “What’s the time Mrs Wolf?”


We had a lovely trip to Tyntesfield House with the Dancing Dolphins.

We had a tour around the house and we were able to see how a rich Victorian family would have lived. We also got to investigate, compare and contrast Victorian household objects with modern day. We all loved making a Victorian toy. It was a super day out that really helped bring our learning alive! P1070580              P1070604


 We had a wonderful time at Lower Stock Farm. Farmer Nick told us all about how farming has changed since Victorian Times.

We enjoyed playing Victorian games in the field, we made butter in the traditional way and we looked at how farming machinery has changed.

It was great fun pond dipping and exploring the underwater world and the creatures that live there.


P1070828       P1070838