‘They can because they think they can’ Virgil

We are incredibly proud of our children at St. Anne’s. We work together to ensure that they believe in themselves and are prepared to ‘have a go!’. Our children know that we learn best by making mistakes and are always keen to discuss the impact that our Learning without Limits pedagogy has on them both individually and collectively.

Our children are encouraged to discuss their learning and talk about their successes and their challenges. They talk about sometimes ‘being in the pit’ with their learning and how they might not understand something…yet!

We are a church school and believe in educating everybody irrespective of their religion or lack of. We have a values based curriculum ensuring that children learn how to treat others with love, respect and kindness which we believe are both Church and British values.

Please have a scroll through  our class pages and take a look at the exciting learning opportunities that all of our children have been engaged in.