Year 5@Hewish 2017-18

“It is our choices that show us who we truly are, far more than our abilities.” J.K. Rowling

Sumdog ~ This week the crew will be reminded of their Sumdog log ins and passwords. Sumdog is an online learning platform that we have signed the children up to in order to provide them with valuable maths practice at home. This is a secure site that children can use independently, moving through different maths concepts and tasks and earning rewards. Be sure to ask your child what animal they have become as they move through the challenges! The website and information about it can be found at

Term 1 Week 3

The crew are continuing to enjoy the text we are reading – The London Eye Mystery, especially as Salim has now disappeared… This week saw some fantastic acting from the crew, who used their dialogue to then explore the use of speech punctuation in their writing. We have been tackling negative numbers in maths this week and children are gaining confidence with explaining their mathematical thinking and reasoning.

The arrival of the sun on Friday meant we were able to investigate shadows – the crew have explored why and how shadows form and why they take the shape of the objects that cast them.

Term 1 Week 2

Another great week which has seen further development in the crew’s understanding of number (specifically rounding). We have started our class text, Siobhan Dowd’s thrilling London Eye Mystery which has already gripped the whole class. The children are desperate to find out what will happen to Salim…

The crew have explored photography this week and are learning to be expert picture takers as well as investigating light. Please ask your child about how light travels!

Term 1 Week 1

What a fantastic first week we have had. Mrs Coulton, Mrs Webb and Mrs Loach have been so impressed by the enthusiasm and engagement of all the new Year Five crew.

In addition to building a new classroom community, the children have already kick started their learning and have been busy performing and writing poems as well as brushing up on the place value in maths.

Wednesday was a WOW day, seeing the children complete a design challenge to build a structure that would safely transport tomatoes down a mountain. Children worked collaboratively and creatively.

Welcome to the Year Five Crew @ Hewish.

Mrs Coulton, Mrs Webb and Mrs Loach are very excited about meeting about the new Year Five Crew. We have some fantastic learning planned for this term. Watch this space to find out more…