Year 3@West Wick 2017-18

Thrilling Week 3 in Year 3

This week we have been learning some French. We enjoyed a video (click here to see) about basic greetings in French and we practised speaking to a partner. ‘The French lesson was interesting and quite hard to understand, but I got it in the end, thank fully’ said Alfie.

We also did football with the football coach, we played the remote control game, we had to think of buttons on the remote control and think of a movement to go with it.  We played stuck in the mud, the coach made it harder by splitting us up in to teams. We practised our dribbling skills, ‘it was really fun, my favourite bit was playing stuck in the mud’ said Freddie.

During our maths sessions, we have been comparing numbers, estimating and exploring ‘more or less’. ‘I didn’t think I would be able to do all the hard challenges, but I believed in myself and I did it’ said Ellis.

Some of us got to use the laptops and have a go at coding. We had to use our brains in order to complete the levels, as we had to apply our reading skills and maths skills. ‘It was amazing, when was stuck, Romey helped me, we helped each other to solve the problems’ said Mya C.

We have started some guided reading sessions in groups this week. We worked on our adjectives, our spellings and explored the characters in our reading books. ‘It was interesting when I had to decide if the characters were good or bad’ said Jack M.

On Tuesday, Lily brought in a tarantula skin to show the class. Like snakes, tarantulas shed their skin, they do this if they are female and they shed once a year. We also watched a video of a tarantula shedding its skin. ‘The skin was really scary and hairy’ said Kyra. Thank you for sharing this with us Lily, it was really interesting.



Week 2 with the Year 3 Crew!


We have particularly enjoyed our Morning Challenges this week. ‘My favourite one was when I had to imagine what was through the gloomy door’ said Romey.

We have been focusing on the eigh/ei spelling pattern this week. Those who scored full marks in their spelling quiz, received extra points on their Class Dojo.  The Class Dojo is an online scheme we have signed up to and we can score points for great home learning, e.g. reading, spelling and learning our times tables. ‘I like the Class Dojo because it is fair’ said Lexi.

This week we started reading a new book called The Stone Mouse. We have done some descriptive writing based on the main characters. ‘Its a good book to read’ said Rosie.

For maths we had to wonder round the classroom and complete lots of different challenges based on place value.  ‘We had to do 20 challenges, I liked that we got to do all the challenges, they were really fun’ said Ava.

In P.E. we were learning some football skills, we learnt how to mark people on the opposite team and how to dart so others wouldn’t know which direction we are heading. ‘It was really shattering because we moving a lot and all the blood was pumping through our veins’ said Jude.



We have had a wonderful first week in Year 3.

We took part in some team building activities.  We played the name game, this helped us remember each other’s names, and particularly helped out Miss Byers.  ‘I called myself Creative Chloe’ said Chloe, ‘I was Magical Mya’ said Mya.  We did human knots and had to untangle ourselves. We had to create different shapes as a team in the human sculptures task, ‘I liked making a tree’ said Aidan.

We have been exploring place value by playing the traffic light game. ‘The traffic light game is very fun, but you also need to persevere’ said Lexi.


We have been reading the book Horse Pie, we have all enjoyed it. I liked writing an acrostic poem all about Horse Pie.’ said Katie.

To get our bodies moving, we have been doing Go Noodles.  ‘We have to follow different dances and exercises and it is really amazing and we feel ready to learn.’ said Freddie.

This week we also started to learn some French words. ‘We focused on three words, Salut, Bonjour and Bonsoir, it was very interesting’ said Romey