Year 2@Hewish 2017-18

Term 3

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What a fabulous week we have had for Safety Week 2018. Thank you to our Spiritual Team for planning such a wide range of activities. We had a visit from the Police, Fire Service, a GB Athlete and we even participated in some mindfulness training.

This week also saw Amelie’s turn to lead our Spark Speech session. She spoke beautifully about the Oxen and even had a range of old coins collected by her grandfather to give out. Well done Amelie!


Week 4

We have enjoyed using different objects to help us understand division. We have enjoyed working collaboratively to solve problems. We have mastered multiplication and now we have moved onto division. 

This week saw another spectacular spark speech. This time presented by Harrison. He taught us all about the different types of sharks! It was fantastic. 

Week 3

Spark Speech has returned! As a crew we love this time, it is always exciting to see the different ways that passions can be shared. This week saw the fantastic Daisy share a series of baby photos and her baby box. She was very confident and brave! Thank you for sharing your cute baby photos Daisy. 

Week 2 

This week we have started our fantastic new book titled ‘Lila and the secret of rain’. It is a fantastic story set in Kenya about a little girl who goes on an amazing adventure to save her family from a drought. We have talked a lot this week about the differences in weather around the world and we have looked at the seasons. We have also been learning and applying some new skills this week which are expanded noun phrases (e.g. the scorching, hot sand), adverbs and using conjunctions to extend our sentences. We have seen some fantastic descriptions of an African village. This week we have been using our learning theme to support our maths learning. We have been transported each day to a carnivorous garden centre which has helped us to apply our thinking.

As our new value this term is perseverance we started our week thinking about a time they have had to persevere and never give up. I was blown away by the maturity being demonstrated and the ways they strive to achieve each and every day.

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Our fantastic Learning Theme this term is ‘How does your garden grow?’ It is very exciting, we have tried to spice it up and so we have started off our theme looking at killer plants. We have been learning about Venus Fly Traps and Sundew plants. Sundew plants as we discovered are covered in sticky glue like balls that help them to catch their lunch! We completed a mini science investigation into what we thought would catch more flies (or rice crispies) honey or water. It was a very sticky investigation! We dipped our fingers into the liquid and then into the rice crispies (flies) to see how many we could catch. It was very exciting. We found out that honey was the best material to catch our lunch!











Week 5 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can all children collect a 2L plastic bottle and bring it into school next week. We are going to be exploring different methods to create rockets! Image result for rockets



Week 4

Things week I asked the Year 2 crew what I would have learnt about them this week, they thought:

We really like drawing, the parachute is our favourite and we are really caring!

I have seen all of these things this week. We have been thinking about positive rewards that we can earn with good behaviour, this week we got to play with the parachute on the playground as a reward. The Year 2 really really like the parachute! 

They have also been working really hard on sewing ‘seeds of kindness’ throughout the classroom and making sure that they are acting as a crew. We have watched some clips from the movie ‘Inside Out’ to help us explore emotions. We then thought about what we could do to support people who are experiencing different emotions. I have been very impressed by the maturity and empathy shown by the Year 2 crew this week. 

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Week 4 Spellings- dge and ge sound for j 

Helpful Spelling rule – -dge is usually used when the /j/ sound comes right after a short vowel sound e.g. badge
(bridge). -ge is used when the /j/ sound comes right after a long vowel sound e.g. huge

Words to practise – badge, edge, bridge, dodge, fudge, age, huge, change, charge, village

This week we have enjoyed using practical resources such as Dienes blocks and Numicon to help us understand place value. We have played matching games with number cards and words and we even played a game of snap! We have learnt how to use the bar model to partition 2-digit numbers into different ways, some of us even challenged themselves to partition 3-digit numbers!

Week 3 Spelling rule is – ce, ci, cy

race, ice, cell, city, fancy, face, space, bicycle, circle, spicy

Maths –  

Week 2 – 

English – This week we have been deepening our understanding of noun phrases and extended noun phrases e.g. the big mountain (Noun Phrase) or the big, blue and beautiful mountain (expanded noun phrase). We had a brilliant visit from Ben Peters who is a real life explorer! He came in to talk to us about the adventures that he has had and the adventure he is about to go on where he will be paddle boarding down the blue Nile. We were very inspired by this and we have planned our own adventures! We will use these to write our own adventure stories like the Owl and the Pussycat. 

Maths – We have been thinking about the value of digits. We have been using lots of mathematical vocabulary such as digit, value, tens, ones, odd and even. We have really enjoyed using concrete practical resources to help us understand numbers. On Friday we played a match up game which was really fun! 

Learning Theme – We really like to do our learning theme throughout our day and this week we have been learning about Christopher Columbus in more detail by comparing his boats to the boat belonging to the Owl and the Pussycat. We have spent time learning facts and we will be using these to write a fact file on Christopher Columbus. On Friday afternoon we learnt about Andy Goldsworthy who is an artist that uses natural resources to make sculptures. We worked with the Year 1 crew to learn about Christopher Columbus’s ships and we used the natural resources in our area to make our own ships. 

Need to know: Next week our spellings for the week is going to be ‘wr‘. If you would like to practise these with your child at home the words to practise are:










Week 1 – What an excellent first week. I have been really impressed by the beautiful behaviour that I have seen this week.

To kick off our learning theme we had a fantastic WOW day where we had a special visit from Pedro who was a time traveler. He had sailed with Christopher Columbus. All of the children really enjoyed this and participated really well. We then spent the afternoon making imaginative treasure maps of our school which was great fun!

In English this week we have started looking at our text of ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’, we have been learning how to use adjectives to describe a setting and how to write noun phases. It has been fantastic to see the amazing vocabulary that we have in the Year 2 crew.

In Maths we have been developing our knowledge of numbers to 100, we started off the week by practicing writing numbers to 100. We did this by making our own snakes and ladders boards with our very own long ladders and wiggly snakes. We really enjoyed playing these with a partner in the afternoon.

What an excellent first week, I am looking forward to seeing what next week has in store!

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We hope that you have all had a wonderful summer holiday and are feeling refreshed and ready for a new term! 

We am looking forward to getting to know everybody even better and starting this new journey with the Year 2 crew. 

Useful Information 

On Tuesday 5th September 2017 the Year 2 crew will be participating in their WOW day to get the new learning theme kick started. Please can all children come to school on Tuesday dressed as an explorer! The new learning theme is called ‘Who is the greatest explorer?’ and we have got a very exciting visitor coming into join us! On a house keeping note if you haven’t already paid for this please can it be paid for via parent pay prior to the day. 

Thank you, we are looking forward to an excellent year ahead. If you ever have any questions please ask and if you think you need longer than please feel free to make an appointment with me! 🙂