Year 1@West Wick 2017-18

Term 3 – How does your garden grow?

Term 3 – Week 3

On Monday we were wormologists! We  looked for worms in the school field. We found eight living worms and they felt slippery and wiggly. They were all different sizes and shades of brown. On some of the worms we noticed a thicker band so researched and found out this means that they are an adult worm. We look forward to finding out more. This morning we asked the question ‘can you be friends with a worm?’

The results of the science experiment are in!

We observed what had happened to each flower and ordered the liquids from most to least suitable for flowers.

We played guess my number. Ask your children how to play. Splat square can be found easily online.

The children role played meeting a worm. After, they recorded this whilst thinking about different ways of ending a sentence such as ! ? and .

Term 3 – Week 2

This week we have discussed that plants need air, water, sunlight and food to grow. Following that we posed questions to think of what we could investigate.

‘I wonder what will happen if you give a plant some orange squash?’ 

‘I wonder what will happen if you put a plant in the fridge?’

‘I wonder what would happen if you try and grow  plant upside down?’

We then did an experiment to find out if plants like to drink  liquids other than water. Using a jug, we carefully measured out 300 ml of each liquid and poured it in a cup. After that we put white flowers in each liquid. Now we will wait to see what happens. The liquids we used in our experiment were: Vinegar, Coca Cola, orange juice, Coffee, blue food colouring in water and  water. Everybody wrote up the investigation including what we wanted to find out, the equipment needed, the method and finally we made a prediction of what we though might happen using the conjunction because to explain our reasons.

‘I think that the flower will die in the Coca Cola because it is too fizzy!’

‘I think the flower will be fine in the coffee because coffee is made out of water.’

Looking forward to the results!


Have a look at some of the artwork the children have done this week…

A Pitcher Plant

Beautiful flower


Busy gardeners….


Enjoying the St Anne’s Garden Centre…

Football fun with coach Andy…

In maths this week we have been using our knowledge of tens and ones to find ten more and ten less then any number. We learnt a team game and played together.  We noticed that the amount in the ones column always stays the same. If you have time over the weekend it would be fantastic if the children could spend time at home finding ten more or ten less then any number. You could use something like straws or pencils to represent the groups of ten and buttons or smarties to represent the ones. Careful a smarties does not get eaten though because the ones column has to stay the same!


Keep us the reading and phonics practise at home as it makes such a positive difference to the children in both their reading and writing. Please also continue to count up and down with in 100 and in twos, fives and tens. Thank you for your continued support. Have an enjoyable weekend.

Term 3 – week 1

Welcome back! It is great to see all the children back and enthusiastic after the break. We have launched our new learning theme ‘How does you garden grow?’ by becoming botanists and researching plants.

We carefully looked at the different plants making notes on color, texture and pattern. One plant was called Jacobs Ladder, we thought that it was named this because the leaves went up the stems and looked like little ladders.

We learnt all about hungry carnivorous plants. We read an information book about a Venus Flytrap and watched a close up film of a fly being caught inside. We wrote about this using conjunctions to extend our sentences.  We found out that carnivorous plants have traps to catch insects. We then learnt about Pitcher plants. They have pitfall traps—a prey-trapping mechanism featuring a deep cavity filled with digestive liquid. We also learnt about Sundew plants. These have sticky tentacles to trap their food. The children turned into  Sundew plants using honey on their fingers to represent the sticky tentacles and then caught their bugs (Rice Krispies). In a group the children counted how many they caught and then compared and ordered amounts. We went on to learn about the Bladderwort that lives in water. If this plant feels a creature the trap suddenly opens, and a quick inflow of water sucks the prey inside in to a pouch to be digested. The children had a go at catching creatures (smarties) by suctioning a straw to move them in to a pouch.

After learning about the many different traps of carnivorous plants the children went on to design their own. They use a combination of what they had learnt and invented their own bug trap ideas. Everybody did three drafts of their design improving each time before drawing and adding labels to the fourth and final edit. The children then created 3D plasticine models following their diagram. Ask your children to explain how their plant can catch their food. This will help them when they write an explanation of how their plant works next week.


Term 2 – Week 3

We finished the story ‘Stone Girl Bone Girl’ this week. Mary discovered the fossil of a huge Ichthyosaurus. We had a go at representing the Ichthyosaurus through natural art.



Children in Need

Thank you to everyone for supporting Children in Need today. The children looked great in their spots and Pudsey inspired clothing. We enjoyed making spotty cakes too and were really looking forward to eating them! We also created a new friend for Pudsey and wrote about them. We had to think of a name, how old they were, describe them and say some things they liked to do.

Next week we will be recapping Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong, Tim Peake and Mary Anning and engaging in a debate before deciding ‘Who is the Greatest Explorer?’

Term 2 -Week 2

This week we have continued to read Stone Girl Bone Girl…

‘As soon as Mary opened the workshop door, she knew that something was wrong.’

We thought about ideas that could be wrong and then discussed our ideas together. After that we wrote our ideas in our Learning Journals.  We thought that there may be a fire, a monster in the workshop or maybe the fossils had been stolen! We later found out that Pepper had died. We thought about how Mary was feeling.

We have also been learning about the suffix ‘ed’. The children were ‘ed’ detectives and with a partner searched with in a page of our story. We then had a class discussion about what the children had found. There are lots of spelling rules! We concentrated on applying ‘ed’ when no change is needed to the root word. The children then wrote imaginatively about Mary and her new dog that she met by applying -ed to root words and writing in a story.

Mary Anning sold her fossils. She wrote a sign curiosities for sale. We made our own curiosities to sell.

In maths but we have been learning how to subtract on a number line. We have now got a good understanding of how to do this. We moved on to finding the answer to subtraction questions by finding the difference. Many of us are in the learning pit with this at the moment but we will continue on Monday.  Next week we will also be learning how to solve missing number problems.

We have also role played a christian wedding this week.

We have also combined phonics and spelling with building strength in our fingers.

Thank you for all your continued support at home. Please keep spending quality time listening to your child read as it really is making a difference. Please practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s as well as counting  forwards and backwards with in 100. In phonics next week we will be focusing on split digraphs a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e and u-e.

Have a lovely weekend, looking forward to seeing all the children on Monday.

Term 2 – Week 1

We have started a new book called Stone Girl Bone Girl. It is based on true life about a  little girl called Mary Anning who loved to explore.

We read the first page.  As a baby Mary was hit by lightening! Luckily she was not hurt…

‘It was then that her father realised – Mary Anning was no ordinary girl’.  We wrote sentences to predict why Mary might have been extraordinary.

We looked at a picture in the book and learnt that the rocks in Lyme Regis are eroded by the sea. We learnt how to use the suffix ‘ing’ and then wrote sentences inspired by the picture that included words with the suffix.

Mary and her father called Pepper found a little treasure in the rocks. It was called a snake stone.

That night Mary could not sleep.  ‘The cliffs are full of treasure.’ She whispered over and over again. We all whispered it too. The children used colourful swirls to represent the cliffs and then painted little treasures hidden inside.

We learnt that these little treasures that Mary found were called fossils and then we found out more about what fossils are. We then made some of our own using plasticine and plaster of paris. The children will bring these home to share pulling out the plasticine and see the imprint that their creature left with you.

In maths we have been learning how to subtract practically and pictorially. We are fantastic at taking away!

Term 1 – Week 7

In English this week the children have written a sequel to the book Beegu.

In maths we have been developing our addition strategies.

We have also learnt about believers baptism and compared this to the baptism of a baby.

We have looked at the earth from space and used maps to try and work out different continents we can see.

Thank you all so much for coming to Learning Review Meetings and for your continued support. It has been great to hear about all the things the children have been doing at home and I know the children were excited to share their learning in school with you.



Term 1 – Week 6

We went on a trip to space! It was so dark and we were very excited. We got in a space rocket and visited the space station where we met Tim Peake. He showed us how water behaved in space and he played water table tennis.

Term 1 – Week 5



Term 1 – Week 4

What a busy week we have had!  The children have been introduced to a character called Beegu.  She is an alien who has crashed her spaceship on Earth and now she can not get home. We thought about how she might be feeling at different points in the story so far and wrote our thoughts down. To help solve Beegu’s problem we have designed spaceships and space rockets and then used our ideas to make them in order for her to travel home. We had fun role playing and making freeze frames of the story so far.

In P.E on Tuesday we continued to develop our gymnastic skills and on Thursday we played games practising our underarm throwing and catching.  We used this skill later on Friday in a beanbag throwing competition.  We then used ordinal numbers to record each beanbags place. This week in maths we have also been partitioning numbers. ’67 is 60 and 7′  ’36 is 30 and 6′ and putting randomly picked numbers in order and explaining how we knew what number was smaller or greater using our mathematical vocabulary.

‘I put number 53 after number 39 because 59 has 5 groups of ten and 39 has only got 3 groups of ten’ 

As always we have been doing lots of reading. Thank you for your continued support at home with this as it really makes a difference! Well done to all the Sumdog superstars! I was amazed at how many questions some of the children have answered! Emmanuel and Senuli you have been busy! If you have lost your childs log in for Sumdog at home please let us know and I will hapily get it for you again.

Next week we will be learning about Neil Armstrong. Have a lovely weekend.

Term 1 – Week 3

Please can you collect your washed recycling and bring into school as next week we will be designing and making. Thank you

Top Tip – have lined paper at home instead of plain paper for your children to write on.  


The children counted out and bundled together groups of ten straws to show the value of a number.

‘I know that the 8 in the tens column represents 8 groups of ten and that is 80’

We checked by counting each straw.

This afternoon the children heard a story about a new world being created. We thought about the things that we would take with us to a new world and the things that we would leave behind. The children decided that they would take families and friends, rainbows, flowers and yummy food as well as parties and sweets. We discussed that we would want it to be a kind, happy and fair world. We know that because we are lovely people, we can have a positive impact on our world. The children decided to leave unkindness behind, leave hunger behind so it would not exist and robbers would have to say sorry and not do it again if they were to come to the new world. This showed the value forgiveness.


Today we thought about what the characters in our poem could take on a boat with them. We read the book ‘The Great Explorer’ to look at some ideas. After lots of talking and sharing ideas the children each picked two items that their characters will take. They wrote describing sentences using adjectives. I am looking forward to reading these poems when they are written!

This afternoon was gymnastics. We enjoyed doing forward and backwards rolls.

Enjoying the role play – these three young explorers are planning a trip to explore the Canary Islands!


The children listened to the parable of the good Samaritan and re-enacted the story.


We discovered that we do not need to count out ten individual items each time. We can represent groups of ten.


This morning the children got into groups of ten. We then took a photo of each group. We then worked out how many photos we would need to print out to have a certain number of children. We worked out that we would need one photo for each group of ten. We worked out how many photos for numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. After that we worked out how many we needed altogether for a number display by putting numbers in our head and counting on. We needed 55 photos altogether!

Last week we designed new species that have not yet been discovered. We shared ideas by playing a game of misfits. This is where each player draws a head and then rolls the paper before passing it around for the next played to add the body and so on. We used some of these ideas to make new creatures out of clay. This afternoon we all hid our clay creatures in the grass and went exploring for them. We then sketched out findings. What fantastic explorers the Year Ones are!

Term 1 – Week 2

We have been learning the poem of ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’. We have made up actions and this week used our scissor skills to make puppets to retell the poem with the help of our poem map. In preparation for writing our own innovated poem, we have spent time planning our own characters, verbally describing them before challenging ourselves to write describing sentences. We learnt that these describing words are called adjectives.

We love reading in our class and spend lots of time improving our reading skills. In guided reading sessions we have to be perfect partners and help each other out. First we go through our speed sounds and then we read our red words. These are words that are not easily sounded out. Mrs Dance says that we have to know them as quick as a flash! We then take it in turns to read to each other and actively listen when it is not our turn. Each day in phonics we have a different sound of the day and we can hunt for it in our books. We enjoy reading in the reading caves under the table too!

Painting rainbows and sharing our hopes for our learning in Year One Crew.

We were luck enough on Friday to meet another adventurer. He is called Ben Peters  and works for Explorers Escape. He travels around the world visiting lots of different places and sees animals such as crocodiles, hippos and snakes. He told us that he was in the army for 12 years and is now a medical and rescue worker, as well as this he films documentaries. At Christmas time he is going to be in Africa and he has asked us to email him the adventure stories we will be writing so that they can read them around the campfire with his team. He was truly fascinating.

Playtime fun……

Every Tuesday afternoon during Term 1 we will be doing gymnastics.

It has been a very busy first two weeks back and the children have settled well into their new class routine.  It has been super to see how enthusiastic the children are to embrace their new challenge of being in KS1. It was great to see so many of you on Monday! Next week we will be building on our place value knowledge, exploring  groups of tens and ones. Have a wonderful  weekend, continue home learning and have fun!

Term 1 – week 1

It has been a lovely first week back and I have enjoy starting to build relationships and find out more about each crew member.

Everybody looked fantastic on Wednesday as the children dressed up as lots of different explorers.

We met a man called Pedro. When he was 14 he was aboard Christopher Columbus’ ship. Pedro retold the famous story of Christopher Columbus and we all got to join in taking on different roles within the story. It was lots of fun and we learnt some facts. Christopher Columbus  brought back a pineapple, potato and tomato from his journey. We think he was very brave to explore for a new route and it must have been exciting for him to find unknown places along the way.

In maths we heard a story all about Christopher Columbus. We had to listen out for amounts within the story and represent these amounts. We found lots of different ways including dots, tally marks, counting the right amount of objects or in writing. We have also been sorting the ‘Guess Who’ characters into lots of different categories. We challenged ourselves to see how many different ways we could sort.

Don’t forget that there is an informal opportunity for you to pop in and say hello after school on Monday 11th September. I look forward to getting to know you all. If you can not make it then don’t worry you can always pop in at anytime to introduce yourself.

On Monday your child will also be coming home with a letter containing information about terms 1 and 2.


Welcome to the Year One Crew @ WW. We hope you have all had an enjoyable summer. We are looking forward to getting to know you all and start having fun and learning together with the children.

On Wednesday 6th September Year 1 will be meeting a special explorer who will explain all about Christopher Columbus and his travels to launch our theme ‘Who is the greatest explorer?’  It would be great if the children could come dressed as an explorer on Wednesday.   Please could you pay via Parent Pay for this session if you have not done so already.  Many thanks.