Year 1@Hewish 2017-18

Term 1 – Week 3

On Monday the Year 1 Crew hid their clay creatures in the vegetation around the school grounds for their classmates to discover.   We had great fun being explorers and finding, sketching and labelling these yet undiscovered creatures.

We have also been learning to represent the value of numbers this week.  We used bundles of 10 straws to help us with place value.

On Tuesday we enjoyed the sunshine and played some team building games that focussed on big movements on the field.


In phonics we have been looking at sounds that sound the same but are written differently, for example oi and oy, ay and a-e, ee and ea.

In English we shared our ideas with our friends before writing our own versions of The Owl and the Pussy Cat poem.


Term 1 – Week 2

The Year 1 Crew have had a very busy week.  In English we have been learning the Owl and the Pussy Cat poem and we are now able to recite the poem from memory with the help of a story map and some simple actions.  We had great fun in our pea green boats when reciting the poem to our audiences.  We then innovated the characters to make our own poem and used adjectives to describe them.

In Maths we have been solving missing number problems, learning to count backwards and working hard to find more and less than a given number.   We found finding less much more difficult than finding more, but when we cracked it, we had a great sense of achievement.

In our art and design lessons we have been using our imagination to paint our own creature that has not yet been discovered by an explorer.  We then used our painting as a template to design our creature from air-dry clay.  We chose our clay to match the colour of the creature we had painted.

We have been taught football skills by a professional coach and have also enjoyed playing team games in PE.

We joined with the Year 2 class to collect natural objects outside to make pictures of the ships that Christopher Columbus sailed in and have used musical instruments to accompany our sea shanty songs.





Term 1 – Week 1

We have had a fantastic first week in Year 1.  All of the children have settled so quickly and now bounce into the classroom in the morning.

On Tuesday we were entertained and educated by a time travelling explorer, called Pedro, who travelled the seas exploring new lands with Christopher Columbus.  We  found out that Christopher Columbus was given some fruit and vegetables that he had not seen before: pineapples, tomatoes and potatoes by a local tribe.    Christopher Columbus gave the local people a ship’s bell in return because they had not seen or heard a bell before.   Pedro taught us a dance from the time of Christopher Columbus.   We then wrote questions to send to Pedro to find out even more information about Christopher Columbus; we  remembered to use a question mark.


We have also been exploring around the school grounds and found spiders, bumble bees, slugs, blackberries and Melissa even spotted a “cabbage white butterfly.”



    In Maths we have been learning to count and represent objects on  large sheets of wrapping paper.  Jacob found 36 whales and then drew 36 circles to represent the whales.  We placed counters on the different objects to help us remember which ones we had counted.


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We hope that you have all had a wonderful summer break and we look forward to welcoming you to the Year 1 Crew.

On Tuesday 5th September Year 1 will be welcoming a special explorer who will explain all about Christopher Columbus and his travels to launch our theme ‘Who is the greatest explorer?’  It would be great if children could come dressed as an explorer on Tuesday.   Please could you pay via Parent Pay for this session if you have not done so already.  Many thanks.

If you have any concerns please do come and discuss them with me at the end of the day or make an appointment with the office.

I am really excited about this year and look forward to getting to know you and your children during our learning journey together.

Mrs Poole, Mrs Wickens and Mrs Gray.