West Wick Busy Bees 2017-18

Seeing the amazing in all children

Term 1 

Week 3

Well done Busy Bees for completing your first full week at school! The children have had a fantastic week, exploring and learning, making new friends and learning the school routines.


Have a happy and restful weekend.

Week 2

Although the children have only been at St Anne’s for a very short time they are already learning the routines, renewing old friendships and making new ones.  It has been really lovely getting to know them all.

Already the children have begun daily phonics lessons which include lots of games and activities that help them to tune into sounds ready for reading and spelling. We have also enjoyed lots of stories and singing and the children have particularly enjoyed our Bob the Builder wake up, shake up.  In Maths this week we have been focussing on careful counting and maths talk.

Next week we will all be in together and the cloakroom will be much fuller in the mornings.  Please try to encourage your child to leave you at the door and come in independently as it is overwhelming for children to have lots of adults in the cloakroom as well as 16 more children!   We will be there to welcome them and help them if needed.  Could you also please make sure your child has their named PE kit in school, if you haven’t done so already.  Thank you for your support.



Week 1

Firstly a really big thank you to every one of you for making us feel so very welcome on our home visits.  It was so valuable to meet you and to begin to get to know you and the children in your homes and it has certainly helped the children settle into school.

The first couple of days have been about us getting to know each other and the children getting to know their beautiful new environment. We have been observing the children to see what they are interested in and supporting friendships to grow.  We truly look forward to playing and learning together and to forming great partnerships with families as we begin our St Anne’s journey.


The Busy Bee Crew @ West Wick are looking forward to welcoming the new Busy Bees and their families to St Anne’s.

Let our adventure begin!