West Wick Busy Bees 2017-18

Seeing the amazing in all children

Term 2

Week 3

This week the children continue to be phonics champions learning the sounds ‘g’ as in goat, ‘o’ as in orange, ‘c’ as in cat and ‘k’ as in kite (please note c and k make the same sound).  The have also been practicing the sight words ‘the’, ‘I’ and our new word ‘no’.  Next week we will be learning the sounds ck, e, u, h and the sight word ‘to’.

The children have been so keen to share their reading with us and we would like to say a massive thank you to you all for supporting them so well and for sharing with us how they have got on in their reading journals.  Please note we will endeavour to change books on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when you feel they are fluent in reading their book and when they are showing understanding of the text they are reading.  It would be great if you could also keep practicing the sounds as the more fluent they are with the sounds the easier reading the books will be!

In Maths this week the children have been exploring the words ‘equivalent’ and ‘whole’ and have been finding lots of  different ways to make a number.  If you would like to support your child at home please practice number recognition to 20 and order numbers 1-20 as this will be our focus next week.


A really big thank you for all your kind words about our amazing OFSTED  judgement.  We are incredibly proud of our school and the children who showed OFSTED what truly amazing learners they are.


Thank you for supporting Children in Need, the children looked great in their spotty and Pudsey inspired clothing.  The donations will be counted and we will let you know next week.  Have a lovely weekend.

Week 2

In class this week the children have been showing what amazing learners they are with all the children really engaging with the learning of phonics.  They have learnt the sounds p, i, n m and d and the sight word I and they are beginning to read simple words made up from these letters.  Tonight they will come home with a reading book for you to share with them.  Please help them to sound out each letter and blend them together.  They should do this several times before trying to read it ‘Fred in their head’.   Please remember to use the questions from the book too as this will support them in their understanding of what they have read. Next week we will be learning the sounds  g, o and c with the sight word ‘no’.

In maths this week the children have been learning about time and about money and yesterday the children had lots of fun playing shops and using real money. If you would like to support your children at home you might like to involve them in your shopping trip by letting them pay for one or two of the items or even by setting up your own shop at home!

Today the children learnt about Remembrance Day and why people choose to wear poppies.

Have a lovely weekend everyone


Week 1

Welcome back ~ we hope you had a lovely half term!

This week has been really lovely with the children settling straight back in and really showing how keen they are to learn.  On Tuesday we introduced our first sound marking the start of Phase Two phonics and on Wednesday we hosted phonics for parents ~ a really big thank you to all who came.  The children were ready and they all enjoyed learning the letter names, sounds and graphemes for ‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’ and the sight word ‘the’.  Please support your child with consolidating these sounds and words over the weekend and then next week we will be learning the sounds ‘p’, ‘i’, ‘n’ and ‘m’ and the sight word ‘no’.

In maths this week we have been focussing on shapes and their properties.  The children particularly enjoyed a shape treasure hunt where they had the opportunity to consolidate and show what they had learnt.  If you would like to support them at home why don’t you take them out on a shape hunt and see how many different shapes you can find in the local environment.  Don’t forget to record what you do and send it to us on Tapestry ~ we really do love to see!


Finally, it’s never too early for a Christmas song and  this week we have begun to introduce a couple of the songs for our Christmas nativity  which will be on Wednesday 13th December with one performance in the afternoon and one in the evening ~ more details to follow later!

Happy weekend


Term 1 

Week 7

What an amazing week the last week of Term 1 has been for the Busy Bees and their parents.  We have had our first Learning Review meetings of the year and I was so pleased to hear that all the children are enjoying school and it was a pleasure to share their learning with you.  During the Learning Review meetings we spoke about our phonics/maths parents evening which will be held in the West Wick hall on Wednesday 1st November at 6pm.  We are really looking forward to seeing you all there and working in partnership with you.

In class this week the children have been using the tool word ‘similar’ and exploring its meaning.  We have done this by looking at stories with similar threads and by discovering old toys and other household objects.  The children were fascinated by the typewriter and the old hairdryer and they particularly enjoyed playing with original Lego and looking at old vehicles.

Also this week the children have enjoyed the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and used puppets to retell the story.  As part of our exploring structures work we looked at bridges and built lots of different types of bridges for the Billy Goats to use.  Their particular favourite was making a bridge from sweets and cocktail sticks.  The children produced some amazing bridges but what was lovely to see was the way they are now working together, problem solving and using the language of learning so very well.

Yesterday was the first day of Diwali and we had enormous fun finding out how Diwali is celebrated across the world and comparing it to how we celebrate special days in our own houses.  This was also a great way to promote tolerance and understanding of other cultures and faiths as well as being a fun day of learning.

I think all the children (and staff) are now ready for a rest so have a peaceful and happy half term!



Week 6

This week has been a ‘happy’ week in the Busy Bee’s class and I hope you saw the drawings the children brought home of some of the things that make them happy.  This was all part of Mental Health Awareness week and is something we feel very strongly about!

In class this week we have also been enjoying the changes that autumn brings and have been exploring autumn fruit and vegetables, gourds, pumpkins, conkers and pinecones.  We have made clay hedgehogs and looked which bugs are best camouflaged in the leaves.  We have built habitats for hedgehogs and played autumn games.

Our maths this week has focussed on repeating patterns and if you would like to support your child at home why not make some repeating patterns with them at home and take a picture to put on Tapestry!

Most of you have now managed to log into Tapestry but there are still a few parents who have not accessed their child’s journal.  If you do have a problem please come into the office and we can check we have the correct email address for you.  The children’s diaries are filling up nicely and it is wonderful to see the learning they are doing at school. A big thank you to those of you who are commenting on observations and adding your own ~ we really do like to see and hear about what they are doing at home.







Week 5

Exciting news ~ today we are going live on Tapestry!  Tapestry is a secure online Learning Journal to record photos, observations and comments, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, to build up a record of your child’s experiences during their time with us. This system allows us to work with parents and carers to share information and record the children’s play and learning in and outside of the classroom and already we have begun to make observations of your children as they settle into St Anne’s.

The website address is https://eylj.org/ and here you can change your settings so that an email is then automatically generated informing you when an observation has been added so that you can have a look and add any comments of your own.  When you access Tapestry through mobile phone or tablet, please set a unique PIN when you log in for the first time. This will be required whenever you return to the application or after the screen has locked and will keep your account secure.

To change settings on your computer look for your name in the top right hand corner.  Selecting this will give you the option to ‘Edit Preferences’, choose this option and you will be presented with a screen giving you the option to change your email address and password.

You also have the option to receive an email whenever a new observation is added to your child’s Learning Journal – just tick or untick the relevant box if you would like to change this setting.  I know many of you will already be familiar with this process but if you have any problems firstly look at the information you were given on your home visit or ask at school and we will do our best to help you.

In class this week the children have been innovating the story of the ‘three little pigs’ and I must say some of their ideas were amazing! We have had everything from three little octopus’ and the big bad shark to the three little trains and the big, bad, very evil controller!  In phonics the children have also been practising blending sounds together ready for reading and segmenting sounds ready for writing. For your information we have now set a date for our promised Maths and Phonics information evening.  It will be held on Wednesday 1st November in the West Wick hall at 6pm and will last approximately an hour.  This is an adult only evening and we would really like as many parents to attend as possible. The evening is designed to give you lots of practical ideas as to how you can support your child with reading, writing and maths at home and to support you in understanding how we teach your children these extremely valuable skills.


Having fun and learning this week.

Week 4

What a busy week our Busy Bees have had!  We began the week by introducing this term’s key text ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  Inspired by the story the children began constructing houses made from real bricks in the garden in our ‘builder’s yard’. They also used our gorgeous pig puppets to tell the story in their own words and there was much huffing and puffing to be seen in the classroom!  All of this story telling is so very important in developing our children’s early language skills so why don’t you tell the story together at home ~ you might even want to act it out as a family.  It really is great fun, especially when you get to be the wolf!

In Maths this week we have been doing lots and lots of counting.  We have counted small and large collections of objects carefully and accurately; we have counted objects that move around; objects that don’t move at all and we have even counted sounds!  To support this valuable skill please provide opportunities for your child to count with you at home.  It really doesn’t matter what they count ~ it could be toys back into the toy box as they tidy up, groceries into the cupboard, sweets into a bowl or even stairs as they walk up and count back as they walk down!

We had our first experience of changing for PE today! Please help your child by encouraging them to change independently (including buttons) and ensuring everything is named. Thank you

During PE the children were able to feel how their heart rate got quicker after they had been moving and running around.  It has been a really busy week and we know the children are very tired so have a happy and ‘restful’ weekend!


Week 3

Well done Busy Bees for completing your first full week at school! The children have had a fantastic week, exploring and learning, making new friends and learning the school routines.


Have a happy and restful weekend.

Week 2

Although the children have only been at St Anne’s for a very short time they are already learning the routines, renewing old friendships and making new ones.  It has been really lovely getting to know them all.

Already the children have begun daily phonics lessons which include lots of games and activities that help them to tune into sounds ready for reading and spelling. We have also enjoyed lots of stories and singing and the children have particularly enjoyed our Bob the Builder wake up, shake up.  In Maths this week we have been focussing on careful counting and maths talk.

Next week we will all be in together and the cloakroom will be much fuller in the mornings.  Please try to encourage your child to leave you at the door and come in independently as it is overwhelming for children to have lots of adults in the cloakroom as well as 16 more children!   We will be there to welcome them and help them if needed.  Could you also please make sure your child has their named PE kit in school, if you haven’t done so already.  Thank you for your support.



Week 1

Firstly a really big thank you to every one of you for making us feel so very welcome on our home visits.  It was so valuable to meet you and to begin to get to know you and the children in your homes and it has certainly helped the children settle into school.

The first couple of days have been about us getting to know each other and the children getting to know their beautiful new environment. We have been observing the children to see what they are interested in and supporting friendships to grow.  We truly look forward to playing and learning together and to forming great partnerships with families as we begin our St Anne’s journey.


The Busy Bee Crew @ West Wick are looking forward to welcoming the new Busy Bees and their families to St Anne’s.

Let our adventure begin!