We believe in… -

Learning without Limits

Live a life without limits.  All things are possible to those who believe.”

At St. Anne’s we passionately believe that everyone is capable of extraordinary and incredible things! Over the last 18 months we have been developing our Learning without Limits pedagogy. This means that we don’t set a ceiling or a limit on what any individual is able to do.

We trust our children to make the decisions that are right for them and to challenge themselves in their own learning, asking questions and deepening their understanding of the world around them.

We believe in everybody and ensure that all of our children are involved in our school parliament ensuring that their voice is heard in decisions about the school.

We work together to ensure co-agency whereby we work collaboratively to solve problems and unpick big questions within our curriculum.

We also believe that children should be encouraged to surprise us with their ideas and what they can do. Our history does not define our destiny and we are therefore committed to the concept of unpredictability!

Please listen to our children explaining what Learning without Limits means to them…