Classes 2017-2018 -

Forest School 2017-18

November 13th 2017

The children were lucky enough to hear a woodpecker after eating their lunch today. One child described the noise as a squeaky toy!

Once we had finished eating lunch, the children carefully used a bow saw and cut elder wood to make their own necklaces  or keyrings – they then decorated them using colours and string.

The other activity was to make a nature inspired spider web using hazel sticks and wool. Once the children had cut their sticks, they then had to wrap the wool around to make a web – this took concentration and perseverance as it wasn’t the easiest thing to do! The children then found leaves in the natural environment around them and decorated their webs.

November 6th 2017

Today at Forest School, the children had a go at Woodland Art and looked at artwork by Andy Goldsworthy and James Brunt. Both artists are well-known for using natural materials to create eye catching artwork.

After lunch in the sunshine, the children were all given colour charts and were asked to work together to see if they could find natural materials that matched the colours on their charts. The children were raring to go!

The children (and adults!) began to create their own pieces of Woodland art – amazing!

There was real enthusiasm, focus and creativity flowing as each pair created their masterpiece.  Together, we had time to look at everyone’s creations and share what we liked about it.

October 16th 2017

Today was bright and sunny , although a little windy! The children were all given fishing nets and began to do some pond dipping – lots of tiny creatures were found including dragonfly nymphs, pond snails and water boatmen. The children were able to use the sheets provided to identify some of them. Once we had finished, the creatures were all put back into the pond. James said “that was so much fun, I can’t believe how many different things we found”.

October 2nd 2017

This week, Liz showed us all how to light a fire safely and the children all had a go at using a magnesium fire starter – it was a little tricky at first but once they got the hang of it everyone managed to make sparks!

Together we all collected sticks, twigs and wood from around the forest and made a big fire in the pit – the children (and adults!) all then roasted marshmallows and drank hot chocolate – a wonderful end to group 1’s time at Forest School 🙂

September 25th 2017

As it was a dry day we were able to sit outside and enjoy our lunch on the logs – we could hear the birds singing and tweeting , the children commented that it was very relaxing!

After lunch, he children all got creative and began designing and making  Autumnal woodland art! Some of the children used sticks to create a ‘frame’ and others decided to do a 3D effect using twigs and leaves – we were so impressed! The adults decided to have a go and Mrs Few and Miss Hockey created their own leaf flower!

September 18th 2017

A beautiful September day and perfect for a spot of pond dipping! The children worked in groups and all had a go, they then spent  time working together to try to identify some of the creatures they had caught 🙂

The children then split into smaller groups and searched the forest for mini beasts: they managed to find slugs, snails, spiders, worms and a large toad!

September 11th 2017

Our first week back at Forest School of the new academic year – Miss Hockey has now joined us and will be supporting Mrs Few and the children each week which is very exciting.

Our first group spent some time getting to know the new surroundings and met Liz, they then played some ‘getting to know you’ games and had fun playing hide and seek. Jay found a tiny spider and Martin and JJ found a very long and very wriggly worm!

The children all agreed that their favourite activity this week was being blindfolded and trusting their partner to guide them over the logs and round the trees – a fun first session was had by all 🙂