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Sports at St Anne’s 2017-2018

        “If you can believe it,                 the mind can achieve it.”

                  –Ronnie Lott

We provide a variety of sporting opportunities at St Anne’s.  We have an exciting provision of sports in the curriculum, plus our lunch time clubs and after school clubs.  We also participate in friendly and competitive matches with local schools and have competed within the South West Area of Schools. We enjoy having professional coaches in to teach our children.

In April 2013, the government announced that £150million would be released to fund primary school physical education and sport as part of the London 2012 Olympic legacy.   Please read how we have used our Sports Premium funding to support the Sports provision within our school.

Gold Mark  Award  For the second year St Anne’s has been awarded the School Games Gold Mark Award for our  commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive school sport in 2016/17.  This is a brilliant achievement as it confirms what talented children we have at St Anne’s.

Contact details of clubs outside of school:

Archery Gordano Valley Archery Club . Paul Maines

General Poster Gordano Valley Archers

Weston-s-Mare Rugby Club Glenn Dickson

North Somerset Athletics Club

Mendip Golf Springs Scoot Thompson

FA Football Skills Girls and Boys Football

Weston-s-Mare Cricket Club Rhys Crocker

Click here for Cricket Leaflet:   img065       img066

Weston Super Novas  Cheerleading Lois Miller

Gemini Gymnastic Club. Carolyn Devereaux      01275 866419

or Sasha O’Neil

Weston Seagulls Football Club

Weston Demons Junior Netball Club Tel 07900567238

Click here for Netball Leaflet :    netball flyer


Sports newsletter Term 1  and Term 2  2017


After school and lunch time sports clubs 

Children have been continuing to enjoy our after school and lunchtime clubs. After school clubs and lunchtime clubs will be starting week beginning Monday 8th January 2018. Dance Club @Hewish will be postponed until term 5 as the dance coach is having a baby. Netball club @ Hewish will swap to a Wednesday for term 3 and 4 due to after school dance practice for the dance festival taking place on a Tuesday. After school gym club @West Wick will have a new gym coach, Carolyn Devereux who is the head coach at Gemini Gym Club. Sasha’s work commitments have changed and she is no longer able to take gym @ West Wick.

After School Netball Club

West Wick Archery Lunch Time Club 



Sports Coaches
During Term 3 we are lucky enough to have sports coaches join us in school to teach the children different
sporting skills. Sasha O’Neil has been showing BB @ Hewish and Sarah Huston  has been showing BB@West Wick the techniques of gymnastics. Paul Maines from Gordano Valley Archery Club will be working with Year 3 and Year 5 showing them the fine art of Archery. Glenn Dickson from Weston Rugby Club will be helping year 4 to play the game of Rugby.

Gymnastics Busy Bees @Hewish

Hewish Year Three Archery 

Dodecathlon Festival 


Sports Hall Athletic Event 



After school and lunch time sports clubs 

Children have been continuing to enjoy our after school and lunchtime clubs. All clubs will start back after half term from Tuesday 31st October and will run up to week ending Friday 15th December.

For term three and four please sign your child / children up to lunch time and after school clubs via parent pay by Thursday 4th January. The letter detailing the list of clubs has been emailed out to all parents.

 Sports Coaches
During Term 2 we were lucky enough to have sports coaches join us in school to teach the children different
sporting skills. Sasha O’Neil has been showing Yr2 @ West Wick and Yr4 @ Hewish the techniques of
gymnastics. Sports Active Seagulls- community trust of Weston Seagulls have been working with Yr1 @West
Wick and Hewish with hand ball and Yr5 and Yr6 with dodgeball. Dave Turner has been teaching the skills of
sports hall athletics to Yrs. 5 and 6. Lots of fantastic sport has been happening at St Anne’s.

Year Four Gymnastics

Year Five Dodgeball


Year One @Hewish Handball


Year Six Sports Hall Athletics .

Year Five Sports Hall Athletics 


Netball Match
On the 14th November we played an after school netball match against St Andrew’s Primary School. This was
the first match the children from netball club played. All they children worked well as a team, passing the ball
well. It was two very close games with St Andrews winning both matches. Well done to St Andrews netball
team. Thank you to all the parents for your continued support

Girls and Boys Football – Y5/6

On Friday 17th November a Yrs. 5 and 6 girls and boys football team played a School Games level two football
match. As so many schools wanted to take part in the school games football tournament, knock out games had to be
played. We were drawn against St Martin’s Primary School. Both our girls and boys team played brilliantly, showing
good skill, team work and determination. The boy’s game was a very close game with end to end football. Final
score was a win to St Martins 2-1. The girls had a hard job to break down St Martin’s defence but kept battling to the
end. Final score was a win to St Martin’s 3-0. Well done to all the children that took part and thank you for parents

Multi-Sports Festival – Yr3/4

On 22nd November children had the opportunity to take part in a multi-sports festival. This gave the children the
opportunity to try a variety of different sporting and multi-skill challenges with the School Games focus on ‘teamwork’
and ‘self-belief’, as well as the school’s termly focus of ‘honesty’. They experienced new sporting activities and
enjoyed some fun competitions and challenges. All participants on the day were presented with a medal for their
achievements. The children took part in fencing, laser shooting, tennis, badminton and sport coordination challenges.
All the children had a wonderful time and took on the challenge of learning new sporting skills. Well done to Chloe,
Oliver Katie @West Wick, Alexa , Ava , Lewis W , Thomas and Kayden @ Hewish. Thank you to Mrs Youhill for
helping at this event.’

Kurling  Event– Yr5/6
On 23rd November a team of Yrs. 5 and 6 took part in a School Games level two kurling event. Kurling is an exciting and inclusive sport and whether children have played before or not, they improve quickly as they play the game. We played 4 games in the group stage, winning one, drawing one and losing two. We then went into the friendly finals playing a further two games, winning both. The children game play and tactics improved which each game with their brilliant team work. Well done to Jack D, William, Darcy and April. Thank you to Miss Simms for helping at this

Dodgeball  Event– Yr5/6
On 27th November a team of Yrs. 5 and 6 took part in a School Games Level Two dodgeball event. This is a new event to the School Games calendar which the children were excited to take part in. We played four games in the group stages, winning two and losing two. We then won one further game in the friendly final. The children
played very well showing excellent team work and skill. The game can be played at a fast pace with the children having to move quickly around the court to dodge incoming balls, as well as throwing balls back at the opposition. Well done to Henry, Jack R, Oliver, Shelby, Amber and Iona. Thank you to Mrs Youhill for helping at this event.

Swimming Gala – Yrs. 4/5/6
On 7th December a team of Yrs. 4, 5 and 6 children took part in the School Games Level Two Swimming Gala.
There was a mixture of individual and team races and the children chose which races they would like to participate
in. The whole atmosphere at pool side was very energetic and loud with everyone cheering on their team mates. The
children of St Anne’s had great fun competing in their races and swam really well. Well done to Grace, who won 3rd
place in the 25m backstroke. This was a fun event to finish off Term 2. Well done to Jack R, Jack D, Reuben, Clayton, Leonie, Hollie, Niamh and Grace. Thank you to Mrs Youhill for helping at this event.


After school and lunch time sports clubs 

Children are able to continue to enjoy our after school and lunchtime clubs. All clubs will be starting week beginning  Monday 18th September and will run for 12 weeks. Please sign up your child / children via parent pay by Wednesday 13th January.

 Sports Coaches

During Term 1 we were lucky enough to have sports coaches join us in school to teach the children different
sporting skills. Sasha O’Neil has been showing Yr1@WW the techniques of gymnastics. Weston Seagulls’
Sports Active Seagulls Community Trust has been working with Yr3@WW, Yr3@H and Yr4 on their football
talents. Yr1 and Yr2  @ Hewish have also been learning football skills with FA Football Skills.

Year Three Football @Hewish

Year Four Football 


Year Two Football @Hewish 


Through our involvement with Weston Seagulls Sports Active Seagulls Community Trust we were given complimentary golden tickets for children of St Anne’s to go to watch a Weston Seagulls home football match on 23rd September. The children and their families were able to watch the home game against Dartford. St Anne’s were the lucky charm as Weston won 3-0. At half time the children were invited onto the pitch to take penalty shots at the Weston mascot. Everyone that attended the game had a wonderful time.

On Wednesday 4th October children from Yr4 and Yr5 took part in aKurling festival at NSETC at Weston Academy. A team from each yeargroup took part in this non-competitive event with the children beinginvited to try out new sports. Kurling has been adapted to be played ina sports hall with small ball bearings on the bottom of the stone so they
can be pushed along the floor. The children had wonderful fun learning  how to play this sport. They soon learnt the techniques of the sport and improved as the morning went on. Well done to Mylo, Anastasia,Penny, Bronson, Shania, William, Poppy and Aaron. Thank you to MrsYouhill for helping at this event.

These are comments from the children that took part in the Kurling Festival

“I enjoyed playing with my friends. You can work the scoring out together” Shania

” I loved it when i got the stone in the middle of the target ” Poppy 

” I learnt that you have to have the strength of the push just right. My highlight was that everyone that took part enjoyed it ” William 

“I like representing my school as it is fun ” Mylo

“I love that it was really cool and that everyone got a medal  even if they didn’t win. I have learnt that we should always try because it was hard for me at first but i did  do really well.” Penny 

” I liked Kurling. I enjoyed aiming for the target and being competitive ” Bronson 

” I liked playing Kurling and competing against other schools. I learnt how to play the game. It was really fun ” Anastasia  

On Wednesday 11th October children from Yr4 to Yr6 took part in the School Games Level Two Cross Country
event at Hutton Moor playing fields. We entered a boys and girls team from each year group. The Yr4 children
ran 800 meters; this is a fun run to introduce the children to cross country. Yr5 and Yr6 teams ran 1.2km. The
school games value for this event was determination and I challenged the children to complete the course
without stopping or walking. On the day the conditions were perfect for running. All the children ran brilliantly
and completed the course without walking; they were all very proud of themselves. Luca Yr4 finished in first
place in the Yr4 boys and Talia finished second in the Yr6 girls events. I am very proud of everyone who took
part: all 36 children completed the course. I am bursting with pride at how Sky Yr5 took on the challenge and
showed wonderful determination to run all the way around the course. Sky did this perfectly and it didn’t matter
what place she finished, all she was concerned about was getting around without stopping. Sky won a medal
for the determination that she showed that day. Well done to all the children. Thank you to Mrs Youhill and Mrs
Spencer for helping at this event and for all the parents support.

These are quotes from the children that took part in the cross country event

” The highlight of the event was when I set off and finished. I enjoyed representing my school. I have learnt how to run long distance and to pace myself. ” Millie

” I liked doing cross country because we got set a challenge to run it all and not walk. We all completed it. I also liked it because I came 15 better than last time ” Daisy 

” The highlight of the day was when I reached the end of the race. I have learnt that even if you don’t win making it to the end is better. You can benefit from sports events because it keeps you fit and healthy ” Sky 

” I enjoyed it but it was tiring. I cam 44th . Next time i would like to come in the top 20 . ” Rio

” I was nervous and scared but my friends supported me . I came 49 with my friends helping me ” Leon 

” I found it very tiring . I came 58 but i am still proud of myself ” Luca 

” I enjoyed doing cross country because you get to meet different people. I learnt that it is not about being first , it’s about taking part. That you should be proud of yourself for taking part. You can learn different skills ” Olivia  

” I liked that everyone was cheering for each other ” Katie 

” I like taking part to learn different sports . I enjoy running ” Samuel 

I liked running with other people. You need to run at your own pace. Don’t go too fast at teh start otherwise you won’t have any energy at the end” Madison 

“I experienced that it can be a little bit tiring sometimes but it is fun at the same time ”  Ella

” I lie taking part because iI feel proud of myself and I really like representing St Anne’s. I felt happy when everyone was cheering me on ” Tom 

“My highlight of cross country was when I finally crossed the finish line. Elijah

On 20th October our School Games Crew took part in a training session at NSETCWeston Academy. The aim of the training session was to support schools inestablishing Schools Sports Organising Crews to assist with the
promotion/organisation of School Games/Sport in our school. The children were provided with the information and tools to create a Crew within our school. The children received a short background to School Games and then had the
opportunity to explore a number of practical (sporting and non-sporting) workshops,including the School Games values. The crew really enjoyed this training session and have come back with some great ideas. Well done to Jack S, Talia, Olivia R,Jack R, Ewan and Emily. Thank you to Mrs Youhill for helping at this event.

We have had some lovely new football kits donated to us by Premier League Primary Stars. Mr Phillips successfully applied for the kit from this association which aims to support children in all areas of school life including sporting activities. Don’t they all look very smart and ready for action!